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It’s All about our Mindset.

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1:46:56 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to add just a little bit more to this conversation. First of all, I hope that you’re all finding this helpful as I know we can get bogged down with everyday life. With the health challenges we are up against, this will help put it into a more healing perspective.

Our bodies have three different ways to focus on its healing. First is our spiritual, then emotional, and lastly is physical.

Having a mindset of your spiritual connection with the Lord helps every battle that we are up against. Any spiritual battle, any emotional mindset has an impact on us physically.

I want to encourage you all to stay connected with the Lord, pray and journal. Getting those emotions out of you will certainly help your healing.

Emotional. To balance that load remember, you always have the option to choose. Will I be happy or angry, grateful versus dissatisfied or will you be thankful or always disappointed. YOU decide!

Always remember the decision you make will impact your well-being.

Lastly physical. Slept, diet & (and back to) mindset.

So the option is yours, but please choose wisely. Your outcome depends on it! Be diligent in all areas and ALWAYS remember that YOU are worth it!

All the best!

2:11:56 AM

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Being overwhelmingly sick, trying to constantly fight every single battle you’re up against every day, has an impact on your overall well-being. So that every day becomes a constant uphill battle with you always just trying to fight off what you’re up against.

When this happens it will cause your body to get stuck in a sympathetic stage and your nervous system continues to stay in the fight mode.

To be in a constant high alert status will make you become exhausted.

Wanting, wishing and then regretting that we aren’t well only tells your nervous system to keep constantly fighting.

So now tell yourself that you are safe here right where you are.

Being safe where you are is telling your nervous system that this only a temporary circumstance that you have accepted. This places your mind at ease versus a resignation, meaning you’re stuck here in a constant forever fight.

The good news is, changing your mindset helps in your recovery! Remember you have the availability to choose!
So don’t forget that in doing so that you are not giving up, you are just deciding to take the battle in a more relaxed state to help you overcome!

There is much medical research that has proven that it works and I have listened to other individuals with chronic Lyme and pain speak about how it helped them in their recovery.

The sympathetic system controls “fight-or-flight” responses. In other words, this system prepares the body for strenuous physical activity. The events that we would expect to occur within the body to allow this to happen do, in fact, occur. The parasympathetic system regulates “rest and digest” functions.

Hope you find this helpful!
Start strong & with the Lord!