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It’s Awful to Be Ungrateful

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2:56:26 PM

Morgellons -

Hello Everybody,

I have not posted in the forum for sometime but bet your bottom dollar I participate in the community. It’s really hard not to be thankful for the wisdom, knowledge, understanding of the help we receive on this forum and through this community.

Mel, is one of the most knowledgeable and giving person I have met in my life. He’s committed his life to the vow he made with the Lord 14 years ago “Lord if you help me get well, I’ll commit my life to helping others get well”. I know he’s doing that.

I can plug a whole bunch of scriptures into this post but I just want to talk to us without making anyone feel guilty in anyway. Mel has helped you right. Mel is always there when you call (even in his days off) Right. Mel has gives each of us an opportunity to not go through this TDS alone right.

Well, all he’s ever asked is for each one of us to pay it forward by posting in the one on one coaching thread, so he may to procure new Coaching Client’s. Once Mel gives you friends and you no longer depend on him as you once did.

Coaching is for YOU and not for him.I could never gotten this close to my restoration without his coaching. Neither could all the other's who's health has been restored here!

So he can live and provide for himself and the forum. It cost money to run this website right down to paper & ink for a printer etc...

My heart is broken because many have become ungrateful and some have gone away, with their own opinions of who & what they think about him.

I must say, we all know Mel can be a little tough but I can say from experience, it’s all for your good, Please understand it’s only one
of him and probably 100 plus of us he speak with on a monthly basis,
So at times he can be short with us. We want him to stay around for as long as the Lord allows but also don’t want him to be stressed and burdened DOWN where it’s not possible for him to live a decent life as well. I apologize for the long post but think it’s necessary.

I work for a team of twelve and some times it gets a little overwhelming for me when everyone is depending on you to pull things together so, I can’t even begin to imagine how Mel feels.

So, let’s be kind. Let’s be financially supportive by buying coaching at least ONCE a month. Let’s keep Mel in your daily prayers. Let’s give to the foundation on any level to help those who aren’t as fortunate as us.

Mel and this Foundation saved my life and I’m giving back as I promised to help others.

We need each other and Mel needs us.

I love you all & appreciate those who’s doing their part.
Let’s show Our Mel some love & appreciation.

Written with much love and concern.

In The Masters Hand