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5:29:13 PM

Being a warrior might resonate with many of the men reading this. Perhaps the idea of being stoic, strong, defiant are qualities that one might stereotypically (wrongly) attribute soley to men. And yet on this journey, your weapons are the protocol, the pages of advice, experience and collective wisdom on this forum, and your brother and sisters in arms, the people you see on this site.

You may think that you can get through this alone. You may think that this doesn't even exist. You may think you are not quite at that point that you need to reach out. You may not even like the title of this thread! Be a warrior and start making moves in the right direction. If you want to fight, we will all stand with you, but you need the means to stand and hold your ground and keep pushing forward to health.

It's not just women who have taken up arms and fought their way back to health, if you go through the archives, you will find Justin, Peter and of course Mel to name a few.

I hope to hear more of your voices on the calls and getting those questions you have answered!

3:37:32 PM

Hello to All the Men out there,

I would like to extend and invite you to the best community ever!

Please know you’re welcomed and we’re looking forward to you participating in the community. As Donald stated “please don’t suffer in silence”!

Come on and joy us!


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