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How I Cured Morgellons

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10:47:42 AM

Hello Ward & Joe,

Glad you found you way to Mel and this web site that is so useful to help reduce your symptoms.

Know that the " Sum of the parts " are your best chance to get your life back.

If you have questions I will give it my best to answer them for you.

By now you realize this disease is going to be the biggest challenge of your life's and needs to be taken 100% seriously as its chronic and effects every organ in your body including your brain as that could be why so many people has such huge anxiety like myself.

Good luck-Donald

5:29:13 PM


Being a warrior might resonate with many of the men reading this. Perhaps the idea of being stoic, strong, defiant are qualities that one might stereo typically (wrongly) attribute solely to men.
And yet on this journey, your weapons are the protocol, the pages of advice, experience and collective wisdom on this forum, and your brother and sisters in arms, the people you see on this site.

You may think that you can get through this alone. You may think that this doesn't even exist. You may think you are not quite at that point that you need to reach out. You may not even like the title of this thread!

Be a warrior and start making moves in the right direction. If you want to fight, we will all stand with you, but you need the means to stand and hold your ground and keep pushing forward to health.

It's not just women who have taken up arms and fought their way back to health, if you go through the archives, you will find James, Justin, Peter,Thomas, and of course Mel to name a few.

I hope to hear more of your voices on the calls and getting those questions you have answered!

3:37:32 PM

Hello to All the Men out there,

I would like to extend and invite you to the best community ever!

Please know you’re welcomed and we’re looking forward to you participating in the community. As Donald stated “please don’t suffer in silence”!

Come on and joy us!


12:42:35 PM

Man Oh Man, Where are all my brothers looking for what will help control there symptoms.

I will be glad to advise you all on many tips that helped make my life so much better.

Please don't suffer in silence alone, Join the Saturday call and ask what questions you have.

If you need moral support Sunday praye rand fellowship call I found to be very helpful.

The web site & search engine are so useful for the Info.
You need to get your life back on track and you found the right place
use it !!!

Agent B1

11:28:24 AM

Hello Guys!

This is a painful time for you! You may be like me.
I was a 'reader' who was just curious that this site was saying 'it is offering a CURE'! Because of what you are going through, you can't believe it! I know. I know.

The cure is not magical, instantaneous.....but it

I can attest to the fact that you must follow the guidelines laid out by this pioneer (Mel) for over a decade. He is here to help.

Those of us who are here are here because it does work.

Maybe like you, I went everywhere, until I stumbled on this site. Your discomforts and pain, and anguish, and unbelievable symptoms you are experiencing are unlike anything you have ever experienced before, but, Mel has heard it ALL. You are not delusional. You are compromised.

If nothing else, come listen. Your story is OUR story. We have gone through all the mental, emotional and physical changes. Now try this. FYI paying $5 (monthly) on this site will open up the opportunity to access all the information. This minimal monthly fee can be canceled at any time. It is not a money making option but goes to support the site and you will not be sorry.
Here you can find:
1) the cure
2) anonymity
3) comfort and compassion
4) supportive information to address your concerns and physical symptoms
5) a family of survivors/warriors/conquerors who are in the process of healing/and those who followed the protocol and are cured!

It is all of the above and so so much more. But, you have got to come. Log on on Saturdays and Sundays--calls are free!! and just listen. You have everything to gain. Yes, your health can be restored!

With sincere hope and prayer for those of you who are reading.

Agent B1

5:47:25 PM

Hello to all the Fellas!

We would like to encourage you to come to the calls on Saturdays & Sunday’s.

All of our identities are kept private and I encourage you to make up a name and use it if your not comfortable using your surname. It’s really ok!

Sure Mel, Tim, & Donald would like to break the yoke of being out numbered by the ladies lol.


5:41:50 PM

Hello, all of you wonderful men out there!

Although it may seem like there is an over abundance of estrogen on Mels site (!), I hope that hasn't frightened off some of the men who could truly benefit from becoming more involved.

In fact, it would be incredible if there was more of a gender balance on the calls and in the forum activity. Donald, who is surely the most active male on the forum (other than Mel, of course!) would, no doubt, appreciate more men to join him. He is often the ONLY man on the conference calls in addition to Mel! There are some other men that come and go, but he is really the only one who is truly consistent in his participation.

It comes down to this, though, in all honesty. It doesn't really matter whether or not you are male or female. The forum offers hope and help to all, and the more you become involved, the higher your statistical chance of getting better.

Plus, there are some truly wonderful human beings to meet!


10:40:18 AM
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Hello, Gentlemen and Welcome,

I was hoping that I would not have to write in this thread, but since not one of you showed up this past weekend to our free calls, I fell compelled to point out this significant fact; those who come to our website that become what we refer to as community members are in the highest % of those who get well!

After eleven years, it has become apparent that those who come together on the weekends which, cost nothing, and communicate with one another are in a select group. Almost 90% of these folks restore their health, whereas we estimate that those who are not community members, only achieve around 20% restoration.

That is a huge difference, so do not be shy. Everyone here knows, everybody here understands. We are a community designed to provide support and encourage each other throughout our journeys.

Oh, by the way, the last man to achieve restoration was a grand fellow from Down under. So not only can men get well here, they can be from anywhere on the earth.

Please give yourself a better chance at restoration by becoming a community member,.It cost nothing and can save your lives.

Good luck.
God bless,

P.S. The first person to get well here was a man, Me!


2:40:28 PM
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Hi Guys,

Mel asked me to write a post to welcome the more than twenty that's right twenty men who have recently subscribed to the website.

Most men hardly ever become community members, where your chance of restoration multiple's many times over. Community members are in the highest percentage of restoration (Over 90%)

This is a very useful web site as it shows you how to live with this terrible disease so you can have as much of an normal life as possible.

The diet is complicated but needed so it is a must to know what we can eat & what to stay away from.
My diet was limited till I found the recipes section in the web site for meals that are tasty & tested to be OK for us to eat. Some of the recipes have hot links that I find so very useful.

The web site covers lots of things you need to know.

People who don't have this disease don't really believe it to be real but the people who do know it to be very real & quite shocking in so many ways.

I like being able to ask questions & get answers that
help me to keep moving forward to recover my health.

Please come join us so you can start your walk to wellness.

Freedie **

3:56:58 PM
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This post is to all the gentlemen that come and visit this wonderful site.

Mel has mentioned that many of you come and read the pages and we are so very pleased that you have now come to a place that is safe and where you can get good sound advise , I am from England and this site has helped me so much, we have a regular gentlemen from America Australia and from my side of the pond.

If you would like to join us on our Saturday and or Sunday calls that would be awesome as Mel and his buddy's could do with some support! :)

We have fun, as well as pass on tips that help us to cope with this horrid disease, whilst we continue to get better, we know what you are going through, truly we do. Mel has had many people including men who have got rid of this disease.

You don't need to use your real name we don't need to know this we just need to know you are here so Mel can help you the way he is/has helped us, his heart is so in the right place and his bark is worse than his bite.....he will hate me saying that ..cause he's a New Yorker where men are men and they say it how it is...he sure says it how it is ! :)

Anyway when you feel up to it, come and join us

Freddie x

We have opened up the entire site for free all weekend until Sunday April 5th at midnight EST.

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