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It's Teddy's story

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8:02:21 AM

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Hello community,

It’s been several months since I have posted an update. I am happy to say that I am seeing marked improvement. I am finally at a point
where I feel like the end may be in sight. I am still
having breakouts, but they are becoming less intense. Even though I struggle getting adequate rest and holding strict to the diet, my body is getting better. I know I would heal faster if I
did a better job with rest and diet.

Unfortunately, my work schedule requires a lot of hours and takes me out of town. Working out of town with long hours makes it difficult to adhere to my daily routine.

Based on experience, and Mel’s coaching, I know that staying on course results in a faster recovery. I plan to make a concerted effort to get more rest and to do a better job on my diet the rest of the year.

Hopefully this will speed up the process.

To all the newbies,

Keep looking forward ………..


10:19:22 AM


Hello everyone,

In a recent coaching session with Mel, we discussed my current symptoms and how I was feeling.
The conversation prompted me to think back to how I felt when I first started my road to recovery.

When I first started, my days were miserable. I have always worked full time, as well as, working side projects for most of my life. So, I am very active. Each day started with a shower, and spraying with

Kleen Green. As soon as I put my shoes on, I felt tingling or itching on my feet. Sometimes as soon as I got to work I would spray my feet with Kleen Green. Some days were better than others, but all of them
consisted of dealing with the crawlies all day long. As soon as I got I home I jumped into the shower and sprayed with Kleen Green afterwards. When I got in bed, it felt like I got in better with them.

My eyelashes and eyebrows would start tingling and the crawlies would start. I would get up every morning and look for new breakouts, or to see if the breakouts I had were getting better. Mentally and physically this was very taxing.

With time all of the above issues started to diminish. Especially when I incorporated WPS into my routine.

Today, I don’t feel the need to jump in the shower as soon as I get home. I don’t get the itching and tingling when I put my shoes on. Occasionally I will still get the tingling sensation around my eyebrows and eyelashes,

but it’s minimal and not hard to deal with. My breakouts are getting less and less. As well as, less severe. My energy level is better than it was a year ago.

Looking back to where I started and comparing to where I am now, reinforces that I am making progress. Therefore, I am getting better !!!

Keep looking forward ……………….


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