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It's Teddy's story

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8:12:36 AM

Morgellons -

Hi Teddy

Wonderful post brother! Encouraging people to read in this forum and to embrace the "sum of the parts" is so important. And your personal testimony advocating for WPS and guidance from Mel is noteworthy.

You have also guided people into the significance of being patient and to emphasize the truth that it takes time to let the nutrient support restore the bioterrain.

"Thank you" for your willingness to share here today! "Stay the course my friend. Your victory over MD clearly lies ahead if you do!"

Warmest Regards,

8:22:47 AM


After talking to Mel this morning on one of my three calls per week, I decided to share an update.

A couple of things I have learned on this journey of healing is that it requires patience and persistence. It took me a while,

but once I grasp the magnitude of what we are dealing with, it made it easier to come to grips with the fact that it takes

time. And that time frame varies from individual to individual based on a lot of factors.

The three things everyone must do are:

Get as much rest as possible.
Follow the recommended diet.
Follow the protocol. Including taking WPS as directed.

Another thing I realized is that we are the host for the toxins in our body. The quickest way to get well is to treat this condition

from the inside out. Meaning eat the right foods, take the recommended supplements, and take WPS. These three things allow

the body to heal. I initially did not have any issues consuming WPS. However, after a couple of stomach issues (not related to my illness)

WPS became harder to endure. I have started and stopped taking WPS several times for different reasons. Mel has assisted with this.

On New Years Eve I had a pretty significant breakout on my left rib cage. At that time I had been off WPS for a couple of days. I decided that

from that point on, I was going to start back on WPS and stay with it until I was completely healed. As of today this break out is starting to

diminish. I am completely confident that WPS sped up this process. I am at the point now where I am seeing and feeling my body getting


This is encouraging. I am going to make every effort for 2024 to be my year to heal. At times I get discouraged. When I do, I reflect on how

hard it was to get through each day in the beginning. That is not the case now. I can now function much easier with less stress.

My recommendation would be that you learn to be patient and give your body time to heal. And be persistent following the three factors

listed above.

This has been one of the hardest things for me to deal with in my lifetime. Fortunately we have Mel’s Protocol. For this I am thankful !


10:06:13 AM

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Hello community,

It’s been several months since I have posted an update. I am happy to say that I am seeing marked improvement. I am finally at a point
where I feel like the end may be in sight. I am still
having breakouts, but they are becoming less intense. Even though I struggle getting adequate rest and holding strict to the diet, my body is getting better. I know I would heal faster if I
did a better job with rest and diet.

Unfortunately, my work schedule requires a lot of hours and takes me out of town. Working out of town with long hours makes it difficult to adhere to my daily routine.

Based on experience, and Mel’s coaching, I know that staying on course results in a faster recovery. I plan to make a concerted effort to get more rest and to do a better job on my diet the rest of the year.

Hopefully this will speed up the process.

To all the newbies,

Keep looking forward ………..


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