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Just thinking

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Nancy **
11:46:15 AM

Morgellons - Just thinking

Hello ya all,

I can not say it enough, Mel is always there for us!

I am sure everyone is aware of the fire in his apartment! It still has not been fixed and there seems to be some problems trying to get it straightened out!
He will have to go to court and then move to find a safe place to live.

We all know how the world has been changing and we really need to help Mel as he is in a very difficult position right now. Mel is in his late 70's, still works 50 to 55 hours a week and now the fire!

We all know God is with us through these hard times but we could help Mel, by showing patience, for during our conversation he talk about being not as effective as he was before this whole situation and he felt sad about his performance.

To help him get his life back and It never hurts to help someone!
He has helped all of us so much!

Please pray about this and let God guide you in any way to help him!

God’s Blessings to all!

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