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7:43:17 PM

Thanks Jenny. How did you keep your environment free? I want to make sure I treat my environment at the same time I treat my body. By the way, I just ordered the Ozone generator 7000 off of Amazon.

Jenny S.
5:56:03 PM

Kelley W.

So glad you are going to get on the protocol after so many years of battling this disease. We are all in your corner. Stick to the protocol exactly as it is written and you will heal. Sending Prayers your way.


It is possible that you will heal more quickly than some who have had the disease for a long time, however, even those who catch it right away need to take time to let your body heal. There is no quick fix to this disease, but you will get well! It can be a long process no matter where you start. Please try to trust that you have found the right place. Continue to talk to Mel. He will keep you on the right track. Get on the protocol as soon as you can and keep up with the diet.

Jenny S.

11:57:13 AM


I am so happy that you're cured! Amazing....

Question: you mentioned catching this early.
How long did you have it before you caught it?

My house was invaded with bird mites in July... that's when my symptoms started.

I'll be starting the protocol soon, is mine also considered catching it early?

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