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Ellen **

3:32:16 PM
To any of you frustrated or frightened,

My name is Ellen. I post occasionally on other's threads and on "A New Warrior from MA".

After getting sick last September and after a year on the protocol, I can confidently report that I AM CURED! I have been cautious about speaking too soon but feel others need to hear any stories with a positive outcome to give hope.

My daughter who is a scientist with a PHD from Columbia, found this site researching my condition. I will never forget that phone call. She said, Mom, I think you have this thing called Morgellons." I had come to the same conclusion from my searching online and was terrified. I began to get my documents in order for my family in case I got sicker.

I went cold turkey and eliminated all sugars, flour, dairy and acidic foods, felt better within a few weeks and dramatically better after starting the Logos supplements and MMS. I think I caught this thing early and that may be why I got well faster than others. I also was in good health with no other preexisting medical conditions.

I am lucky I could keep my part-time job, to have a supportive family and friends. I was also careful, however, who I chose to confide in. My PCP doctor asked that I see a psychiatrist. As a professional in Human Services, I was angry and insulted but replied In a cheerful voice, "Sure!"
I haven't gone back to her.

To finish my post . . whatever it takes to get you through this, do it. I am thousands of dollars in debt - so what. I will pay it off eventually. I did what I had to do to make my house safer, including ripping out my rugs and replacing them with wood and tile, cutting down all the trees hanging over the back of my house, and paying people to do manual labor around the property when I was too sick to do it myself.

I had a lot of people praying for me. You are never alone in this. Don't be too fearful to ask others for support, either emotionally or financially.

I have said this repeatedly - there is nothing special about me. If I can get better, I believe anyone can. Everyone's body is different, so it will take different amounts of time for each of us, but believe that you will get well too. I'm a different person today, hopefully a better, wiser person.

And last, I am grateful for all of you for your stories. I have read every single post, every day. If you don't have the caring support you need from people in your life, know that it is here in this online community.

Best in health to all of you,


7:57:24 PM
Hallelujah! This brings so much hope to me today, I'm sure it will bring lots of hope to other too! Thank you for sharing with us, we are rejoicing in your victory! :)


1:56:29 PM
Hello Ellen.

I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you. I also want to thank you for posting this wonderful news. Please remember to give praise and thanks to Christ for your return to complete health and freedom from this terrible affliction. I will always treasure the reltionship we shared along your journey, and I am so very thrilled for you and so very proud of you!

You are now officially one of 1000 points of light.


10:24:43 PM

You make my heart sing! Hurray for YOU! So very happy for you! I do have a question concerning your diet. You stated you cut out all flour- does this include coconut flour? I have been very strict with my diet- (no brown rice or pasta) but i do make the bread recipe(with coconut flour) and almond muffin recipe. How in the world does anyone keep their weight on? I eat almonds- but my stomach can absolutely not take the coconut oil.

God has blessed you richly!


11:46:42 AM
Hello Ellen,

Welcome as always.

I remember the first email I ever received from your family was actually from your daughter. I didn't know who she was or what she did, only that she found my contact information while doing online research on Morgellons. Of course to me it was a great honor to learn she was a research scientist with a PHD.

I can only conclude that your willingness to dive head first into the requirements of our protocol (as outlined in our FAQ's) and the fact that you caught this early are the reasons you got well as quickly as you did. The fact that you believed in the SUM of the Parts says it all.

To be honest, even more exciting to me is that you are the second person in the last few weeks to get well in less than eighteen months, which should give a lot of hope to those who are new that it might not take them as long as it took me. Of course, everyone here gets the benefit of learning from all of my mistakes as well as those of others that are chronicled here.

Being selective in those you chose to confide in was very wise. I too did whatever it took to get through this, and whatever it takes is definitely worth it.

Once people find this website, they are never again alone. I remember when I first got well, I also felt there was nothing special about me, so if I could get better, anyone could.

Thank you again Ellen. Great warriors make great posts when they get well. We are all rejoicing with you.

God Bless you and keep you; You never gave up Hope!


3:37:36 PM
Thank you to everyone for your kind responses.

To answer your question about flour, Dawn, I ate mostly Ezekiel products in the beginning because they make flour less bread, English muffins, tortillas, etc. and these are in almost every store in the freezer section. They have a lot of protein, which is a bonus! Trader Joe's also makes a flour less bread.
I have used coconut flour, almond flour and brown rice flour in recipes as well as pastas made from brown rice and quinoa. I think the most important thing is to avoid white flours, white rice or anything that we convert into sugar.
I never used coconut oil in my cooking, because I couldn't get used to the taste but I do use it on my skin everyday! Mostly I use olive oil to cook with.
When I wanted a treat I ate Kind bars - the dark chocolate and sea salt have only 5 grams of sugar and I felt like I was eating a candy bar. I wasn't usually hungry, but in between meals, I snacked on almonds, too. Nuts are very filling. And for more calories, I make guacamole and eat it with chips called Beanitos, also available everywhere. They are made with lentils and black beans, are GMO free and really tasty. I also try to have hummus and tabouli on hand to snack on.
For Thanksgiving I am making a turkey and will experiment with a stuffing recipe and will post it here.

My meals are pretty routine now but usually for breakfast I have an egg with an English muffin with organic butter and either a detox tea or Red Rooibus tea. I alternate that with Ezekiel cereal with almond/coconut milk, unsweetened coconut, ground flax, chia seeds, and cinnamon and Stevia to taste. Sometimes I add berries.

For lunch I have a salad and I try to put 5 items in each time as well as a protein. So that may be lettuce, peppers, tomato, cucumber, red onion, cabbage, broccoli, avocado, or whatever veggies I have. I add cooked chicken, quinoa, or an egg on top. My favorite dressing is lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.
Minute Maid makes a lemon juice with nothing added, also in the freezer section of stores and it saves money.

For dinner I have soups or fish, chicken or once in a while grass-fed beef. I like to roast a variety of vegetables with olive oil. I use a lot of onion, garlic, cayenne, curry powder, cinnamon and other spices.
I never felt I had to eat raw everything, and I got better with a variety of cooking and preparing. I do try to get everything organic and local, but I'm not crazy about it. I just do the best I can, like all of you.
I'm kind of an ADD cook, so I never follow recipes but just try to prepare foods I like and adapt them to the protocol. Not always easy, but doable.

When I started to add fruit to my diet I relied on berries and
apples. I bake apples with cinnamon and have that for dessert.
One thing to be wary of . . . some people will say things to derail your food choices. Like, "You can have a little, can't you?" I think the only thing that really worked in the beginning to help me stick to the foods was to stay home and rest because every time I went out, I had to make choices that were less than ideal. So in getting well, I had less of a social life and that was ok because I knew it was temporary. Last Thanksgiving I stayed home and did not celebrate with my family. Mostly I was terrified of spreading this to someone else. I still don't know if I was contagious. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself, but Christmas was a little better, and then in the spring, I felt almost normal.
This is all to say that while you are trying to figure it all out, time passes and you make progress towards better health.

Good luck in your journey, Dawn. It sounds like you are already making excellent choices.


1:46:09 PM
Hello Ellen,

I am a new warrior to this disease, and was VERY terrified about it, there were times that I just wanted to give up, but my children kept me here. Unfortunately, they have it too, therefore I am really determined to get them well and also myself. I just wanted to say that I am first grateful to God for directing me to this website, and for reading all of the testimonies of those who returned to good health, I am SO encouraged and hopeful, and look forward to the day that I am completely healed and rid of this dreadful disease. I pray a special blessing for Mel, thank God for you, and Ellen I am so encouraged by your testimony and look forward to talking to you soon. God Bless you all, Lorraine

12:48:01 PM
Hello, do you think there is hope for someone who has had this for over 6 years and just didn't know, and who has had lesions for 5 years ? I became quite ill about 2 months ago and became alarmed, feeling like I was on the off ramp, and started researching as you did.

10:09:13 AM
Hi Lorraine,
I am also fairly new and very grateful to have found this site and to all the others who have travelled before me that are willing to help guide us on our path to recovery. I was also very afraid in the beginning. Two months into the protocol, I am now on 5 drops of the MMS with no ill effects. I actually sleep better and the brain fog has lifted somewhat.

I wish you and your children best!
Warm wishes,

1:29:42 PM

Congratulations to you. I'm so glad to hear of your success. Thank you for your post on what foods you included in your diet. I use a lot of spices as well.

Also, welcome to Sue and Lorraine. You are in a good place here.

I found this website after my sister gave me her computer (when she upgraded) and thank God every day that I did. I am so blessed to say that after starting the diet four months ago, the supplements and MMS two months ago I have more energy, I’m thinking much clearer, and my glands aren’t swollen, painful and I don’t have a low-grade fever all the time. I know I have a long way to go – don’t know how long after eight years but definitely making progress.

I started with 11 drops last night. I decided to wait until Friday when I had two days off to see how I do. I still haven’t gotten sick from the MMS although the last two days I have been nauseous.

So far, in the very beginning I experienced slight headaches and nausea, lately more itching, and intense feelings at times of anger or depression but for the most part, I continue seeing improvement.

The diet is key; there is no completely getting better without giving up sugar, wheat, dairy. I can’t deviate, because I know that if I do I’ll want to eat more and the things that we aren’t supposed to eat right now can be addictive as well as the disease itself makes us crave them.

Each time I read the success stories I get more from them and can relate to them as my brain fog continues to lessen each week. I do have a couple of questions that I would like to talk to John about.Also After I take mms at night sometimes I become wide awake for hours.

Anyway, I am grateful to be here and soooo thankful to all who are here as well.


12:51:28 PM
Ellen, I am new here....brain fog and all the rest! Mel called and deemed me dedicated to the protocol...I have all the "tools" (meds) and just would like to share with someone "who has been there". I have no other choice but to rid myself and humanity of this scourge... I am fearful for my husband and children ...I am overwhelmed with HOPE after speaking to Mel...May I talk to you sometime? with total sincerity, Diana

7:02:19 PM
To all of you who responded,

First of all, it takes courage to reach out. Those of you who have had this for years, I can't imagine how hellish that has been, but rest assured, the protocol will help. I may have gotten better in a shorter time frame because I caught it early, but making changes in diet and using the protocol will pay off for you based on what others have posted here.
To be fearful is completely understandable. It is difficult for others in our life to understand what we are going through - they haven't been through it. We need to be patient with others and go easy on ourselves too. To think you have brought this on yourself because of something you did is pointless. I have no idea how I got sick but because of unknown parasites, and the toxins in our food and environment I believe everyone is at risk.

I didn't sleep in the beginning due to the fear and also due to the constant itching. I too had insomnia and got a prescription for Ambien which gave me terrible side effects. I weaned myself off of it and by that point the itching had subsided so I was able to fall asleep. Logos has a sleep aid that may help.

Do the best you can to stick to the diet and protocol. In answer to your question, Marigold, I think there is hope for everyone. The supplements we take will make you healthy and will do no harm. You have nothing to fear about those. I know the supplements are costly but here's what I did. I paid the bills I had to pay and got behind in others. I got a loan from a family member. I am still in debt but now I have my health back. Please don't let finances keep you from getting what you need to get well. Think about who in your life can help you, then make a plan to pay them back later when you can.

And as for the MMS, I never got the nausea and GI herx. What did happen as I posted a few months ago is that at 15 drops I got a terrible headache and dizzy and felt like I had to lie down. The feeling that it was unbearable passed after a little while. I was keeping a diary so I was pretty tuned in to my body at that point. I knew I was at my max. So even though the MMS seems scary, I think it is absolutely key to getting rid of this disease. I was also fearful of it, but now I know that I didn't need to be.

The reason I started on the protocol and stuck with it religiously was because like all of you I was feeling like I was living a nightmare and I had nothing to lose. I knew I couldn't continue the way I was.
I said a lot of prayers, stayed close to my loved ones if only by email and phone, and came to a better appreciation of life.
Keep reaching out on this forum and ask lots of questions.

Best to all of you as you get well,

Kelley W

2:42:35 AM
God Bless you all!

I have been suffering with this since 2005 it is now 2017. I have tried everything, was finally diagnosed with chronic Lyme and 4 coinfections.

Even though I’ve been on the antibiotics for 4 months now along with other supplements, there is no change.

This thing has aged me awful. Lost a lot of hair my teeth my skin is all wrinkled and I had beautiful skin hair and teeth just before this got really bad in 2005

I will try this protocol and pray to God that it works.

The thing that bothers me the most is the parasites that cannot be diagnosed What are they? Because even ivermectin isn’t killing them. They are what has destroyed my appearance.

I cannot wait to start the program.

God Bless you all for sharing and for this site.
I am so grateful.

Thank you,
laura (aunt)

7:05:21 AM
Dear Kelly W.

Let today be your first day of healing. Start this protocol, change your diet, treat your environment, and post on this forum. Now that you have made a commitment to this; your journey of healing will begin. It is not an easy journey but we are here for you. No one, not one person, no one, knows how this feels unless they have experienced it. We HAVE! So please stay the course and do not stray.

Be assured that this protocol works. There are many before us that have already conquered this and moved on with their lives'. This protocol was designed through years of research by people who once lived with this disease themselves. It is based on scientific facts.

The importance of staying connected to people on this forum helps us to get through the day. It give us a place to go when we need additional reassurance that we can do this. You can ask questions and receive feedback from people who may be experiencing the same symptoms as you. You will also receive answers based on scientific information as to why we might be experiencing these symptoms.

I encourage you to pray and then have Faith and trust in our Lord. You are in our prayers as this community prays for all those inflicted with this.

“In thee, O LORD, do I put my trust: let me never be put to confusion.” Psalms 71:1

Welcome Kelly W. Today begins your new healing journey!

In Christ Love,

4:34:03 PM

I am so happy that you're cured! Amazing....

Question: you mentioned catching this early.
How long did you have it before you caught it?

My house was invaded with bird mites in July... that's when my symptoms started.

I'll be starting the protocol soon, is mine also considered catching it early?
Jenny S.

5:56:03 PM
Kelley W.

So glad you are going to get on the protocol after so many years of battling this disease. We are all in your corner. Stick to the protocol exactly as it is written and you will heal. Sending Prayers your way.


It is possible that you will heal more quickly than some who have had the disease for a long time, however, even those who catch it right away need to take time to let your body heal. There is no quick fix to this disease, but you will get well! It can be a long process no matter where you start. Please try to trust that you have found the right place. Continue to talk to Mel. He will keep you on the right track. Get on the protocol as soon as you can and keep up with the diet.

Jenny S.

7:43:17 PM
Thanks Jenny. How did you keep your environment free? I want to make sure I treat my environment at the same time I treat my body. By the way, I just ordered the Ozone generator 7000 off of Amazon.