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11:38:36 AM
Honor thy father

Thank you Chrissie,

For an excellent, and fascinating overview of the call.
I am downright evangelical in my zest for Logos supplements, and have shared them with friends and family!
I have also got some interested in the benefits of silver.

John B is truly exceptional in his knowledge of the body, and in his generous donation of time devoted to his customers. John B sincerely cares about making people well--it is evident in the way he lives his life.

My family and I will be Logos customers for life!

Thank you, John B!
John Burgstiner

11:22:22 AM

Hi Chrissie,

Thank you for your kind comments and excellent review of our protocol... especially knowing that you are not feeling well with your own health challenges. Please know that you remain in our thoughts and prayers dear.

In His Love,


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