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Looking Forward

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8:33:06 AM

Morgellons - Nancy and Family
Nancy and Family

Hello Ya All,

Looking forward is the best way because what has already happened is gone!
Mel always hits the nail on the head!

It is easy to think yeah sure that we can and will get over this sure wish I had found him in the beginning you can’t trust everything you read I am sure the people mean well but sometimes it is about making money or just wanting to seem important.

I know first hand everything I have learned from Mel will happen it just takes time and being consistent doing the things he says.

A lot of it depends on how long you have had this in your body and other health conditions you might also have but just have faith in what you are doing and know things will get better. We also have a lot of other life problems we have to deal with! Moving, getting rid of things and being afraid does not help but we all learn things the hard way sometimes but that is OK but take your time and your life will get better!

I am so close to the end and I can say what Mel has told me to do is the reason my life is better. Praying for all and looking forward to Saturday’s call.

Love reading all the posts and hope they help all the newbie’s!

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