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Donna M

12:11:57 PM

Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to add to this post as I have recently discovered "Found" brand makeup at Walmart that is inexpensive, covers any "blemishes" from M and is made of natural ingredients. In fact, I find when I wear it, my face issues improve a great deal. The company offers many products not just foundation. I have only tried the foundation as of yet, but will definitely be trying more.

Finding good products readily available instead of ordering online is sometimes difficult. Most everyone has a Walmart nearby, so I definitely wanted to share this find.

Below is a segment of a review I found online by Jessoshii, who is a beauty and lifestyle blogger :

"Just this year, Walmart introduced a brand new ‘natural’ brand to their beauty aisles called Found. Found offers more naturally-formulated, non-toxic beauty products at incredibly budget-friendly prices, ranging from $2 to $15.

On Found Beauty’s website, they emphasize their use of natural, renewable raw ingredients, and claim to use synthetic ones only when necessary (either to increase or preserve the efficacy of the natural ones), while leaving out parabens, SLS/SLES, synthetic fragrances, phthalates, PEGs and mineral oil entirely.

On each of their products, they list the percentage of natural ingredients inside (which is based on the concentration of natural ingredients, naturally-derived ingredients, and water). This number typically ranges from 90% up to 99%. Their products are also cruelty-free and never tested on animals, and a majority are vegan (with the exception of a few that contain things like beeswax and carmine)."

Hope this helps someone!


Lady T

12:40:22 AM

Regarding makeup - would like to add that the parasite testing center in AZ reminds folks that most make-up products have heavy metals - and so G - you are right about using natural make up - or none- only once or twice was my face really bad to where I looked like a leper - lol - other wise that it just looked like acne (and that cleared as I got better w protocol and as I cleaned my sinuses nonstop) - but once when I had a social event I did not wa t to miss - I covered three sores on my face with a thin layer of sonnes liquid clay and then patted "DE" on top - still noticeable but a light cover that was natural and helpful - a few people were staring at my face but I was really just comfy in my own skin and knew it was not going to be my most beautiful day! Lol - and it helped that I am not a celeb - so I can go out with no make up and not worry about tabloids or pap.
Oh - and One day I went out to a dinner - and had a clear face - but was sacred to wear make up still and so went el natural! Well this one guy (sweet friend) kept saying I looked tired- and I just laughed! If he only knew how far I had come - so I will take looking tired compared to looking like a walking infection- jk...
but I like aveda make up if I use any - mostly just liked a little lip color and eyeliner with touch of mascara - and it was for "me" because it made me feel more together!
Side note - with mascara - I'd buy a cheap one and throw it away every month - I think it is also wise to toss any old make up just in case-
Peace ;)

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