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Donald **

9:11:17 AM
"Meet the Manufacturers Part II"

Hello Toxic disease suffers,

I wanted to comment on the great call that I know we all enjoyed on 11-21-21, { Yes Winter will be here in 1-month.}

It was a Informational. packed call & we are so lucky to have John B., Robert Scott Bell & Cathy M. who answered so many much needed questions as we search for the answers to treat our symptoms.

These people are Guardian angels who have been put in our lives for a reason, We are Blessed to have them guide us on our long journey to freedom.

Also thanks to Tatiana from Sovereign silver for explaining the new Discounts negotiated by Mel, which now make our website the least expensive way to buy their products.

I want to Thank them all for giving us there time & so much more.

Some of the questions were on the deep side, but there answers were not shallow by any means.

God Bless & Love--Donald

Coffee, Tea with Me - "Meet the Manufacturers" - Saturday 11-20-21

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