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1:04:16 PM

Hello, everyone.

I thought I would put my two cents in on this one, former anxiety queen that I was...and working really hard to keep that part of my personality at bay...as well as teaching my body and mind to respond differently to stress.

CBD oil is an option. Everyone responds differently to CBD oil, however, and you have to educate yourself or ask someone who knows more than you do about what would work best. You have to stick with it and get the dosing right, and that takes some time. Don’t expect a “quick fix.” There aren’t any “quick fixes” with this disease!!!

I have recently started taking five deep breaths every hour on the hour. You can set your cell phone alarm—or any kind of alarm if you are at home—to remind you to breathe this way. I find that it immediately calms my nerves and aids in my digestion, too. And, honestly, I do it whenever I think about it, too, even if the alarm hasn’t gone off yet.

Since I am making a major move in about 2 1/2 weeks, I find it essential to keep myself calm, at all times. I know that everything will get done—doesn’t it always? My poor husband has not learned how to stay centered in the ways that I have, and so when he has what I fondly call (to myself!!!) a “moving meltdown,” I just smile, walk away, and take five deep breaths so that I don’t internalize his stress and make it mine. Perhaps he will someday learn from my example.

Finally, I pray and pray and pray. And I read the Bible. God instructs us to be anxious about NOTHING. That is, of course, easier said than done, but it is something I strive for on a daily basis now.

Everyone is different. What works for one person may not work at all for another. Hopefully, these tips help someone out there...especially you, Lee.


10:00:05 AM

Hi Karen the librarian,

Mel has suggested that I contact you to see if you would partner me with me during this journey.

He feels you have a lot of good input and that we would be a good fit together!

I have been on the protocol for 6 weeks and am moving forward! This is my second time around!

I would love to have your input and support.

Thanks, Lee

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