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Rockin Robin

5:09:41 PM

Hello Dear Friends,

To Help Reduce Anxiety

Here is a little concert to listen to when you are resting and have about 30 min. to spare!! Music makes me feel so much better and lifts my soul!!! These songs will inspire you, truly!!!

Play these songs on your phone!
1. Earth To God by John Rich
2. Back To God by Reba McEntire
These 2 songs are a prayer I lift to God everyday!
3. Living Proof by Mary J. Blige
4. One Moment In Time by Dana Winner
5. Your Love Broke Through by Keith Green
6 The Victor by Keith Green LOVE LOVE This song!!!
7. I Wish You Jesus by Scott Wesley Brown Also, LOVE
this one! Hopefully the
video with the brown butterfly will come up! If not look for
it because the video is amazing!!!!!
8. Sunny Day by Joy Williams

If these songs don't inspire you and make you feel something, your just not human!!!!

Add in " You Say " by Lauren Daigle, forgot one!!


Love & Hugs,
Rockin Robin
Rockin Robin

8:30:31 AM

Hi All,

This is "Animal And Bird Friendships- Level 1000". It is absolutely brilliant, hilarious and amazing!! Enjoy!!!

Rockin Robin

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