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Ruth Ann **

4:11:43 PM
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Hiya all,

In May of 2018 I broke out on my face and it itched.
I thought I had scabies and the only place I had been was my chiropractor's office. You lay on the table with your face down. I thought that was where I had caught it because I hadn't been anywhere else.

I treated it as scabies, spending a lot of money on so called treatments for 9 months. I ended up with sores all over my body and they itched.
I washed my bedding daily and my clothes daily and had to take a long bath daily, didn't wear anything two times without washing it first.

I thought I had to clean daily so no one else caught it which they didn't. I finally became so discouraged I started researching and ran across a Morgellons site. After reading the symptoms I decided it didn't fit my situation. But I had symptoms that didn't fit scabies I learned later. I thought I'd never get rid of it. The sores would heal one place and break out another place.

It was discouraging to say the least.

I would scrub the sores and they would be right back the next day. I couldn't understand why I couldn't get rid of it. Anyway I finally found Mel's site and started reading. I realized i didn't have scabies but I had Morgellons.

I didn't accept it at first because what I had read about it there was no cure.

I eventually send a message to Mel and he called me. We talked and he reassured me that I had Morgellons. It took me 2 or 3 weeks to accept it and to order the protocol. I started on it March 15, 2019. I have been on it for 1 year now and just started my 13th month.
My sores back thenh were filled with mostly black fibers, but some had blue, red, green fibers also and they were growing bigger when I started the protocol.

More on episode two later

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