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3:03:33 PM

Hello to all, The contest last Sunday was lots of fun and I know many of you got a good hoot out of it.

All of you who voted my way-Thank you very much.

I would like to Thank Logos Nutritionals- Jill, John & Glen for there generosity and wonderful products like Immuno Tabs that I cant wait to try, I will let you know what I think as soon as possible.

Of course I Thank Mel and many others for helping me get back up when I have fallen and struggling to get my feet on firm ground.

*We all need to work as a team as many hands make light work, Get and stay strong.

Sundays prayer calls are always uplifting and
Glory be to GOD that's for sure.--Donald

7:10:55 PM

Congratulations to DONALD!

My, you are on a roll! Winning two contests in a row! I’m impressed! You’ll have to let me in on your secret!

I hope you enjoy the three months of ImmunoTabs! I’m sure they are an awesome product, like the rest of the products from Logos. Thanks to John B and Mel, you get to try them out. It’s the middle of flu season, so there is probably no better time to give your system that little extra dose of immunity!

I’m sorry that I missed the Sunday call. I was on the call Saturday, but I had a ton of school work to catch up on Sunday. From what Freddie said in her post, I am sorry that I missed Sunday’s call—especially since Chrissie called in! I’m thrilled to hear that she felt well enough to do that!

Congratulations again, Donald, my neighbor in Massachusetts!


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