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New Contest; The Best two hours of The week!

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9:25:22 AM

Morgellons -

Sundays calls allows us to march together as a team with our Beloved Father giving us much needed inspiration and hope on a very difficult journey, Very possible the biggest challenge of our lives but together many hands & brains make light work.

Our toxic disease experts & each other teach us to treat our symptoms so we can regain our health in a uplifting fashion while giving Thanks for the many blessing that Sunday's Prayer call provides.

God Bless you all. -Donald

10:15:29 AM

Morgellons -

Hello friends,

This is my entry for the best two hours of the week.

So, I want to tell you about our Sunday prayer meeting. Its free, easy to join on Skype no matter where you are in the world and its GREAT STUFF!!!!!!! :-)

What can I say about it, hmmm, well for starters we come from all corners of the globe and connect with God. The prayers are often heartfelt, thoughtful, beautiful, very relevant and touching at times. It's lovely to hear people open up and pray together, in different and often lovely accents, no matter how difficult their lives can be with this illness and other difficulties. We come together and we connect, no matter what. And that's soo important that we are able to do that. Especially when many are unable to go to church, we have this group come hail , rain or shine we are here!!!

We always welcome all with arms open wide and are very happy for new community members to join us. We get to know all members and care about each others journeys and we sure are a supportive bunch!!! If you are really struggling, we want to know about it, so we can hold you up in times when you need that extra support :-).

We have weekly fellowship after prayer , when we reach out to each other and just really connect. For many this can be an important lifeline. As we all know that this disease can be a very lonely experience as well as a distressing one. No one needs to be alone in this. And you are no longer alone when you join us.

Newbies often come and can ask questions that they need answering. They are welcomed in and encouraged to be a part of the community, as it really really helps the healing process!!

At the end of the call we always have jokes.. Ha often they are silly, or little stories it's such a lovely way to end the call as we are reminded to laugh, have fun and take our minds off any problems we have. New people at times, have found it strange that people struggling with toxic disease can be on calls laughing and joking, as we still struggle with our health. However, laughter is hugely important. It really helps the old immune system to kick into gear. And you know, it's so important to learn to relax out minds and bodies as best we can. So the silliness is definitely 100% needed and recommended. And besides we all really enjoy it.

So come and join us, we are always here to welcome you,

Love Chrissie.

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