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12:06:09 AM


Mel said he was going to have a new contest asking what was the best two hours of your week. I was so excited as I new exactly what my two hours were and I was so excited to share this with my friends within the community.

During this illness you find yourself alone and lonely. You isolate yourself in fear of giving this to another loved one or person. The people you love and know become distant from you as you can no longer be the person you used to be. Your family tries to be understanding but in time they also distance themselves from you as they do not understand. You now find yourself alone. There is always one person who is always there. He is the only person who can and will help you through the toughest times of your life. that person is God. “God,” will never forsake you.

When I first joined the community, I loved the Saturday calls. I looked to much forward to talking to people who actually understood. I started to know the people and realized how kind, understanding and wonderful they all were. Mel kept telling me during our coaching sessions to come to the Sunday prayer call. The next Sunday I called in. All I can say is “WOW.” I was welcomed with open arms. Everyone was so positive and uplifting. We all prayed to our Father and got to talk openly with each other. These people were your friends and you were now bonding with them on a more personal level. Mel keeps the prayer group very uplifting and positive. We even share jokes that make us laugh. I can’t begin to say how much this “two” hours mean to me. Since that day I have never missed a Sunday call. Infact, I look forward to them.


Sunday is a day of thanksgiving. It is right and just to give thanks to the Lord our God. God graciously blesses us with everything that we have. Life ,health, food, shelter, family and friends, opportunity and faith. These gifts are so awesome that we should be overflowing with gratitude and eager to give our thanks and praise. Weekly thanksgiving is a bare minimum. We need to honor the giver of our gifts.

We are a community where we socialize and support each other. You make friends and feel a sense of belonging, and build a support network that you can rely on.

It is a time you are with people who believe as you do, and you give each other support.

There have been many times that the prayers spoken have been exactly what I needed to hear. God speaks through His Word.

I have developed deep friendships that have sustained me in tough times, and I hope I have contributed the same to others. These people are all very dear to my heart.

It is a time where we concentrate on the things of God. During the week is hard to focus on spiritual matters as we are all so busy with our daily lives. These two hours gives us a time to leave all that behind.

God sees you, and he loves you unconditionally. Developing a strong relationship with God requires communication. This is a great way to communicate and build a relationship.

I love to worship God with our community members who want to do the same thing. It is a very powerful thing. It is like joining together with one heart.

Come join us for one Sunday and see for yourself. It is truly a wonderful experience.

Why do we come together on Sundays for our “two hours?”
1. Prayer brings friends who believe together
2. Prayer brings divine help
3. Prayer gives us strength
4. Prayer inspires hope
5. Prayer reduces stress
6. Prayer gives us a positive attitude
7. Prayer is a time to celebrate the blessings with our Lord
8. Prayer brings you closer to God
9. Prayer helps you open your heart and invite the lord into your life
10. Prayer is a time to ask forgiveness in the areas we have fallen short
11. Prayer helps us bond a relationship with God
12. Prayer is a time to ask God for your health to be restored

We all need to thank Mel for making these “two hours” possible. Thank you, Mel from the bottom of my heart.

Your Warrior Friend,

7:43:49 PM

"The Best 2 hours of the week:

For where two or more are gathered together in My name,
there am I in the midst of them...

This bible verse says it all and, for me, is the reason I attend the Sunday Prayer calls. Simply to bask in the Presence of God.

OMNIPRESENT: Meaning God's Presence is Everywhere.
It is often said by various members how the Presence of God seems palpable on our prayer calls. HE is with us! And frequently it is a very strong Presence.

The 2 hours we spend in His Presence is amazing, and as Donald declares each Sunday "Sunday Blessings to All".
And blessed we are indeed.

OMNISCIENT: Meaning God Knows All.
When I joined this community, I had no bible teaching background. As I child there was no prayer in our home nor any reference to the bible EVER. Despite that, I believed in God and always have believed He is in my heart, loving me and guiding me.

When I first joined the Sunday Prayer calls, I felt awkward and very out of place. Other members were so eloquent and heartfelt with their prayers...and I stumbled over my words. I didn't know how to pray! But GOD KNEW I wanted to move closer to Him...and He kept nudging I persisted. And the members on the prayer calls accepted me as I am ... they encouraged me and lifted me. I could feel God's loving Spirit come through them.

With time, one of our members, Velera, reached out to me and she reads the bible to me since my eyesight is currently challenged. We are studying Revelations and I find it fascinating how this holy book foretold of the times we are experiencing now in our world. I am forever grateful to her for her patience and the amount of time she spends with me so I can have a deeper understanding of God's word. God knew I needed a bible teacher and He provided!
He really is All-Knowing.

OMNIPOTENT: God is all Powerful.
Last, but not least, each of us came to this community in HOPE of getting well, and through God's powerful presence we WITNESS past and current members who have restored their bodies. Our very own Terry recently celebrated her healing and restoration, and reminds us that God was a strength in her restoration as she encountered many life challenges through her process. Terry continues to join us for Sunday prayer and often says this community is family to her.

I believe each of us knows that ,we too, can and will achieve 100% restoration to our own bodies as long as we continue to follow the diet, the protocol and coaching from Mel AND continue to invite God into our lives.

BOTTOM LINE: So what do these 2 hours mean to me?
Simple! I get to BE in the Presence, the Power and the All-Knowingness of God each Sunday with new friends and an everlasting family. How does it get better than that?

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