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5:57:02 PM

Hi Diana,

It’s pretty intense in the beginning but as you began to see the protocol doing its best work you’ll begin to relax.

Please continue to come to the Saturday Calls for information and Sunday Prayer meetings to gain spiritual strength and get to know others in our community. Yes, it’s “OUR” community where we understand each other and support each other on this journey.


5:55:17 PM

Hello, Diana!

I want to welcome you to the community...normally, I try to say hello to the newbies pretty quickly, but somehow you slipped by me...I apologize for that.

I’ve been on the protocol about as long as Maria has. I remember what it was like in the beginning, but I can tell you honestly that you won’t regret the journey you have begun through this forum!

There are a lot of truly caring people and a ton of information, which you have clearly already realized.

Hopefully, when I retire from teaching in a few months, I will be able to make more of the weekend calls. I think I may have heard you speak a few times before.

Take good care of yourself! Hopefully, you have purchased some coaching for Mel—it is invaluable!


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