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12:43:01 PM
Brillant Post Maria

Hi Diana,

Just wanted to say Welcome to this wonderful community!

I am in my 13th month on the protocol, and also felt the same things you described--"slivers" in the arms, and flutters in the feet, brain fog that doesn't want to lift.

The protocol WORKS, but you must give it time, and be very patient. The disease goes in cycles--so it can be discouraging at times. After making progress, suddenly you will feel you are moving backwards..it is normal, for this crazy disease, and part of the battle, as you move towards recovery.

Mel's coaching is very helpful as you go through the first several months which were, for me, the most confusing, and frightening. There were a few times Mel pulled me out of the depths of despair, and gave me HOPE.

I did not understand initially how long and how hard this road to recovery would be. Life with young kids (one of whom also had this), social events, work schedules, and travel makes it challenging to stick to the protocol and diet, but I learned the hard way to make it my first priority to follow it. Make the necessary changes in your life so that you have the time and space you need to carefully follow the protocol.

If you slip up on the diet, don't worry about it--just get back to it. You will get there, in the end!

I have made tremendous progress, and my daughter, thank God, is well. You have to become finely attuned to every signal your body gives...pay attention closely to what triggers you, and then make a note of it to avoid that trigger.

I have learned what carbs my body needs, and can tolerate well, and how much is enough to feel good, and how much is too much.

Sleep is perhaps the most effective weapon there is against this. Go to bed earlier, and snooze away as much as you can! Nap, or lay down for 20 minutes a day..I do it whenever I can, in cars, on my lunch break.... It really does work!

Everyone's body is different, and some of us never experience purging through the skin, while others do. I am a person who does purge through the skin, and if you are like me, you may experience a wide array of things happening to (and leaving) your skin. Do not be alarmed--it is your body getting rid of things. I am not able to get on the weekend calls very often, but if you would ever like to talk, please feel free to call me--
Mel has my phone number.

You will indeed get better, and you are in the right place--that's half the battle won, right there!
Love, Maria

3:51:19 PM
Click On Picture to Listen to Thomas the Tank's Update


Just hearing from all of you makes my heart sing!!
There is life after all of this!!

Hearing confirmation that all these wounds and “so-called” scars are not my fault is a major jump forward. Last night I fell asleep to the recorded More Communication calls with James, Tom the Tank, Peter, and Mel.

WOW a lot to process, but preparing me for the journey ahead.
A lot more reading to do as soon as my eyes stop watering.

Wishing a happy day to you all,

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