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Rockin Robin

6:41:14 PM

Dear Miles,

Thank you You for the " Express Egg Cooker " idea. I also boil a lot of eggs, so I am getting one for Christmas from my daughter! Only $8.96 at Walmart!! Love It !!!

Hope you are doing Ok? I do pray for you!!

Your info. that you always share is so great!! Keep it up!!!

Peace To You Brother!

Love & Hugs,
Rockin Robin

10:17:11 AM

Hi Miles,

Heads up that the Nutramedix brand of stevia contains 20-24% ethanol.

I did some reading and it appears that the alcohol suspension formula's seem to retain more of the nutritional benefits of the plant during processing, but in light of M, the damage alcohol causes to our system outweighs the benefits.

Chrissie was mentioning in the last call of a way to burn off the alcohol before consumption?

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