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Nancy S **

1:21:58 PM

Hey Mel,

I just wanted to update you took my phone back Monday got home still not working. I am taking it Thursday to differ sight that can fix or exchange I really think it is T-Mobile they bought Sprint and I have had problems ever since as you well know.

I am doing OK still no unemployment! But everything is OK.
Between God, you and prayers we will get there. Can’t wait to get back on the calls! Have you heard from Donald he has been on my mind. Tell him I made his flackers. I think he feels a lot like I use too!

I am So glad you are getting better. My niece has a close friend that was just told he has cancer and no help they keep putting off treatment. He is a Christian and we know God can heal but doctors can’t! I will put it on prayer request.

Hope all is well, miss everyone!
Love in Christ Nancy

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