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Karen (the Librarian)

4:55:27 PM

Save yourself some $$ - Use the Discount Codes!

Hey, if you are rather new here,you might not know that you can use the discount CODES when purchasing some of the supplements.

Maybe you are confused like I was at the beginning, and think, "no, the discounts are for someone else". Well, I have great news for you - the CODES are for YOU!

I will explain a bit more:
The logos kits are already discounted 28-30%.
When you buy the individual items from Logols Nutritionals, use the CODE MORG 10 or LYME 10, depending on which supplements you need.

If you are ordering Kleen Green or other items from Natural Ginesis, use the CODE MORG15. (The discounts are for individual products, since the kits are already discounted.) The same goes for the other companies.

Mel does NOT receive a commission, He was sick with our disease, and when starting the website he decided to give us discounts instead.

If you have questions, feel free to give Mel a call.

Remember - YOU can use the CODES!

karen (the Librarian)

8:28:48 PM

Greetings Friends, especially Newbies,

Did you know that you can receive a discounted price for many of the products you need for the Protocol? Do you want to save money - every time you place an order?

Please take a look at the insert to the right that says:

When you are purchasing items from these companies you can have the discount shown. So BE SURE to use the DISCOUNT CODE!!!

Please know that Mel does NOT receive any commission on these products. There is no "catch" behind the scenes.

Save some money ---- remember - Please use the CODES!!

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