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2:32:22 PM

Please Use the Discount Codes

Hi, Everyone – Just a quick reminder to use the discount codes when ordering the products we use as our weapons against toxic diseases. These codes are listed on Mel’s Protocol page…also listed in this post. Each time you order your Logos supplements, Kleen Green, WPS, Sovereign Silver, etc., it’s like getting free money!! Who doesn’t like free money?? These discounts add up to a significant savings over the months. So, do yourself a big favor by keeping these discount codes handy and using them!

God’s Blessings to you all,

1:21:52 PM

Please, please, please be sure when ordering your supplements, Kleen Green, Sovereign Silver, WPS, etc., that you remember to use the discount codes on the Mel's Protocol page!

Times are tough financially... even worse is battling this toxic disease while trying to fund it. These discounts are unlike any other and should be used to their full advantage!

And if you haven't heard, after a loooonnnngggg 4-year in-the-making proposal, Mel finally secured THE BEST deal EVER with Sovereign Silver! HUGE discounts AND a certain % of all sales going to the HCAF - it doesn't get any better than that! You can't find this weapon against toxic disease cheaper on any other website... not even Amazon.

Remember, more than just supplements, this protocol was driven by the Good Lord through His faithful servants, Mel, John, and Cathee. Our Father has set up all the tools we need, and as affordable as we can get them. Use the codes and remember, IT REALLY WORKS!

God Bless

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