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11:55:47 AM

Hey Karen,

Those suits were a bit scary. Also scary, the fact that people wore them and liked them at the time. Ha.

Remember the 80's when hair just couldn't get high enough? Trends :-)

I can't imagine what Mel must have been like back then either.

When Mel said that he used to wear a ruffled shirt and jeans to go out, I thought that Mel must have looked a lot like a Spanish dancer.

Then I get quite an opposite picture when I think of a rough hockey player.

It does sound like he would have lots of great stories.

Mel, the two of us and many here are thankful for the wonderful, kind things you do to help us and others. Nobody made you, Mel. You just do it.

I greatly appreciate it.


3:59:30 PM

Hi Cheryl,

HA! I can only imagine Mel in something like that...though I think it would scare us looking at him, and him if he saw himself in the mirror.

Speaking of the seventies...Mel is quite entertaining in telling his stories of living in Manhattan at that time. He was actually in the thick of the happening crowd...a regular at Studio 54 at night and modeling and playing semi-professional hockey by day. He's a force to be reckoned with at age 72, so I cannot even imagine what he was like back in the day.

But...Mr. Mel...we're all so grateful for your endless energy and enthusiasm and the fact that you're here for us.

And so...because of this, I'll remove you from the Chateau Bow Wow for insulting my glamorous lounge wear choices.



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