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Positive Thinking

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8:18:43 AM

Morgellons -

Another favorite of mine…..

Our struggles are what we make of them. Although for the most part they are (should be) non existent. We grow them in our garden where we’ve also planted self doubt, pity and worry. Then we’ll water them all in confusion.


Don’t confuse your thoughts with with someone else’s, the enemy!! Cultivate and see your garden thrive with the Son, water it with the Holy Spirit and then see your Faith Grow and surely the Father will harvest you, but all in due time.

God doesn’t want anything from you but your heart. So whatever it is… in your thoughts, simply lay it all down and imagine yourself with Him. Move forward with only Positive thoughts, His word and your inner peace. Be expectant for what God wants you to have, where He wants you to go and then you can walk it out.

Your healing can begin once you believe it’s real.

Luke 4:40

When the sun was setting all those who had any, that were sick with various diseases were brought them to Him; He laid His hands on every one of them and healed them.

Have a blessed weekend!
Love y’all!!

8:22:15 AM

Morgellons -

Dear Linda,
As I read your post it made me think back to the first part of my journey with this disease and I wanted to share this with you. (post from 2017) by Laura

My Journey through Poetry

I was quietly praying,
Listening for God’s gentle voice.
I know it was him softly saying,
You must make me your first choice.

I continued to listen,
Not wanting this feeling to go.
Trying to understand the truth,
God wanted me to know.

I am not really special,
So why did you choose me?
Many times I would ask him,
Will you please let me be?

Then I started to realize,
The true blessing he gave.
That through me knowing his word,
It was my family he saved.

Oh God how I thank you,
For sparing my family and not me.
I promise to live your word,
Give this chance and you’ll see.

I have almost completed my 7th month
Of this amazing protocol.
Staying active in a loving community
Of people who won’t let me fall.

I had my very first herx,
Only 4 weeds ago.
Resting in bed a few days,
Was important to know.

So by accepting Jesus as my savior,
And his amazing grace.
I will have all the strength I need,
To finish this life changing race.


I pray you find peace, healing and strength as you recover!

In Christ,

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