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10:46:58 PM
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Thank you Linda and Robin!!!

Sometimes it takes awhile to make another post because I simply forget! But I always have great intentions!! ;-)

Great words for the day......Stay Positive because, your thoughts can set your attitude and that will set your path for the day. God only gives you thoughts of goodness and of love. Anything other than that are thoughts that don’t belong, so don’t give them any power to set your direction, and pray for peace throughout the day, it gives us direction to pus through. To walk by faith not by sight.

Positive thought.......

Stop worrying and venting and start Praying. Because we don’t need sympathy, we need Strength!!!

Hugs & Love,

6:45:32 AM

Hi Tea. I really love reading your posts and look forward to reading them. It is wonderful to be reminded to be positive even when it doesnt seem quite right.

Doing the job that I have makes me so grateful for the good health I have gained, the knowledge I have from knowing Mel and being part of this community. There are so many sick people sometimes that I talk to and get menus from that have no one or cant advocate for themselves. I am grateful for any small thing I can do to comfort or make them smile or feel better in some way.

Thank you Tea for your wonderful positivity and great posts.


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