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The last important post I have made!!!

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5:38:48 PM

Morgellons - Hopefully third time will be a charm !!!
Hopefully third time will be a charm !!!

Hello Mellow Mel,

I know you will be glad to get settle again. Praying you have found a place and everything is good. Looking forward to our calls Saturday and Sunday

(Saturdays calls are now every other week, next call is January 11Th. John B will be our guest! Sundays calls are still every Sunday, see you then!)

I will be there Sunday.

There seems to be a lot of talk about Lyme going right now. Maybe they are learning.

Donald thank you for caring most people take things for granted but I am so thankful that my cancer is gone thanks to God, Mel, and John and all my other health problems are so much better it is wonderful

Just to not think about them anymore is a Blessings.

God bless all in our community,

5:38:48 PM

Morgellons -

Good Morning Everyone and Welcome,

I have been saying that for two months shy of fourteen years and have always truly meant it. IT WAS THE FIRST SENTENCE ON OUR HOME PAGE!

It's 3:45 AM and most of my days start just about this time. I am writing this post for I have had great turmoil since August 4th of this past year and in the last week have had much soul searching.

Later this morning I will be looking at a couple of Apts. so that I may find my own space, for after fourteen years of living alone, I find I must have the peace, the quiet and serenity that can only be achieved in this way. Karen also needs the same. It is not that we don't truly care about, we really do as we have both saved each other's lives. Imagine two bulls in a china shop ( oh my) enough said, we shall always love each other, but both need our own space!

There are many other scenarios that I have had time to ponder, first being the fire in my last Apt in Reno on August 4th. 2022 the birth date of my deceased mother, I took it as a sign that it must be time to move, as well as the land lord was terribly nasty about the fire and why it happened. They were also going to raise my rent again. Reno was becoming terribly expensive and in order to continue my ministry I thought it would be a good time to move on to a less expensive area.

Well I had only a couple of months left on that lease and had to think fast ( bad move) as I wound up selling 50% of my possessions, giving away 30% and 20% wound up in the garbage. that included everything I had. all my furniture, all my modeling pictures some art just about everything one needs to have a home, enough said for I could not afford to ship it.

Next up was the new house rental in Tennessee, the Kryptonite Condo, where I almost died. Thanks Karen for saving my life, as we have now done for each other, which creates a very special bond .Suffice to say that had I stayed in Reno, I probably had saved what little money I had, because when all is said and done these moves will have cost about twenty thousand dollars.

I have also had the time to reflect on my 14 years of serving the lord and you all.If I could change anything from the past, I would, but that's history . I have made a new promise to God and it is that I find renewed patience and try to be more gentle on those who seek my help. ( thanks Tea) your gentle approach to my bad behavior, allowed me to see the light! I truly hope the newbies will derive the benefits and more of you will restore your health.

I must end this post now, as there is so much to do, new home, new furniture new bed, new everything as well as new car registration and all that goes with the car and of course new doctor, new dentist and new lawyer to transfer our 501c to here!

So I leave you all with my hope and prayers, that I become the person I wish to be!!

God bless you all,

Those who do not give up HOPE, have always restored their health

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