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Rockin Robin **

1:24:23 PM

Hey Ya'll

I'm from Texas so ya'll is used in every other sentence!! I wanted to encourage everyone to post in the forum and in individual threads and to each other!! It is so....very, very important !!

When I first came to the website and Mel, I was so sick and so low and so very depressed! As I started reading and participating slowly, when I would see a post addressed to me Oh.......I cannot tell you how much it meant to me!!! Someone hears me and acknowledges me and believes me and wants to help me!! It meant the absolute world to me!!! I thank God often for Mel and those people, many which are still here!! They rescued me and eventually through all of this, brought me closer to God!!!!

You can't put a money value on that!! It has been EVERYTHING!!

Those post were my lifeline!! I think we often forget how much one little post can mean to someone. Not just new people, but us oldies too!! We all need support, encouragement and friends. It makes this battle and life so much easier!

Please take a few minutes here and there to post to someone, or about your feelings and self, your journey. Remember, so many are reading this website everyday and not just our community, One of your posts could literally save a life and for sure offer comfort and help in some way to others.

WE ARE NOT ALONE HERE and we want others to know that too and that we are here for them.

I wanted to mention that I read a post from Desiree to Lily that made me cry! Because, Desiree is new too, but she gets it!! She has said that she tried lots of things to get well and none of them worked. She knows she has found it here and although she is suffering greatly, she still reached out to another new person to offer comfort knowledge and hope. Thank you Desiree for reaching out to Lily and in the process, touching my heart and blessing me too!!!

Remember, a 2 min., 5 min., or 10 min., post could mean the world to someone!!!

Please don't forget to post, I know we are all busy with our lives, but just 5 minutes could make a dramatic difference in someone's life. WE have the power to change lives just by being kind!!


Rockin Robin

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