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Rockin Robin

9:20:36 AM


That's how we call or holler for people in Texas!
And, sometimes we ring the cowbell !! And yes, I used to have one hanging in my kitchen!!

Just a reminder, please, please post!! It only takes 5 to 10 min. to post something, unless you tend to be long-winded as I sometimes can be!

They don't have to be long; however, you can type as much as you like. Post to a newbie and make them feel welcome.

Make yourself available to answer questions they may post in the forum. Share The Knowledge!!! Post about your healing journey, trials, triumphs, it may help others!

You can just add a funny picture or animal video or a song. We love poems, stories, anything that makes us laugh!! G-Rated of course.

It really only takes a few minutes and we all can spare that amount of time in a week. Reach out to someone and make a new friend, one you can talk to on the phone.

I absolutely LOVE all my friends in this community. They are my family too just like my real family. I love them just as much and I have grown in so many ways through them. They are worth more than gold to me!!

You will find so many benefits from posting. You will learn and grow in love, friendship, wisdom, and knowledge!! Plus, it can really be fun!!!
So, What Are You Waiting For.........POST!!!

I may have to sing my song medley about posting again!!!

Love You All,
Rocking Robin


9:30:00 AM

Hi Y’all!!

Yes, I know…. Posting in this forum is so critical!!
Yes, there are so so many reasons, but I’m just gonna name a few!

I wanna know how y’all are doing!! Actually, not just me but others do too! It’s so important that we stay connected with one another, with questions, updates or even jokes!! Ha ha! No really, we can help one another out with answering questions, ideas, recipes and some positive thoughts! ;-) so please share, as we all need one another!!

I know are lives right now are hectic with Christmas, but please stay in touch. Give everyone a quick update on how your doing, post some yummy recipes, send your love and support to the Newbies!

Looking forward to hearing from you!!


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