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Rockin Robin ***

1:59:28 PM

Hello Mel & All !!!!

This is my entry for the contest listed under " Posting In The Forum ".


This would be too much to post, so....I will gladly sing my entry on the day of the contest!!! Hope you get a laugh and enjoy!!!

Love & Hugs,
Rockin Robin
Joe ***

11:25:04 PM

Posting has never been my strong suit. In fact, I completed my MBA fully online 5 years ago and the weekly assignments were in a forum post format similar to this, and it drove me nuts trying to keep up with all the assigned readings and mandatory posts to other student’s posts. The posting I did back then was 100% extrinsically motivated... meet the post requirements, pass the class - plain vanilla.

However, that all changed a year ago when Karianne and I found this community. The community members, the resources, the information all housed in the forum posts is what sets this plan apart from any other in terms of putting action into place to get results - which for us is all about restoring our health. Kari and I would read endlessly and take in as much information as possible. It was a great benefit to us, and is what prompt me to pay it forward. I may not be going through this like my wife and many of our members. I may not fully understand the personal hell everyone is dealing with. I don’t have over 12 years of experience coaching others on their healing journey. What I do have is the desire to serve others in whatever knowledge I do have that can help people in their journey, and the best way has been through posting.

I’ve studied enough and have applied good, healthy eating habits and nutrition in my life and knew that was how I can serve this community. In addition to a few conference calls that Mel allowed me to lead on nutrition, most of my posts have been about nutrition and it’s 100% intrinsically motivated. I want nothing in return and just know that if I can help even one person on their journey because of a post I made, that makes all the difference.

The importance of posting in the forum can never be overlooked - even though I myself don’t always get around to posting. I do take my time as I want to carefully craft my message because I know someone out there is in need of guidance, support, and for someone who they can relate to. That’s why I encourage everyone here to get more active in posting. Whether it’s a resource you can provide, such as a delicious recipe, essential oil usage, water intake, rest, or home remedy to keep the creepy-crawl-ies at bay, it’s all useful information and you might just save someone’s life with a simple post.

It doesn’t take long and we all have gifts we can offer this community with our words and writing. Please, please, please, whether you’ve posted once or hundreds of times, this community needs every bit of support and guidance it can get. No post is less important than others - they truly are the healing medicine we all need.

God Bless!

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