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8:57:30 AM


FIRST, because Mel asks us to as a way to pay it forward. He asks so little from us when he gives so much! I know thru God and Mel, they are literally saving my life!! Anything he asks me, if I possibly can, I will do! This comes out of love, respect, and gratitude!

SECOND, because Mel has said many times that those who actively become members, with the key word being actively, are in the highest percentage of those who achieve complete wellness. Those that are active in the community and on the website consistently are the ones who do get well !!

Active means you check the forum each day for information and updated news.You post your journey to wellness in a thread that you can update once a week or so. This is so beneficial to you and others as they read your story. Plus, it lets you monitor your health as you get better and better. It will be an unbelievable and inspiring story to you and others at the end when you are whole again and enjoying life to the fullest.

You post to others in the community asking questions are answering someone
else with helpful info.

You pay the $5.00 to be a member and keep all this info. available 24/7 and connections with others experiencing what you are experiencing.

THIRD, because sharing with others truly helps us get well. From sharing treatments, products, recipes, support, concern, encouragement, love and care, this truly has an influential impact on our attitudes, mental health, and physical well-being.

AND LAST, because God wants us to help and support others, whether it be Mel or other members in our community or someone in China or Australia who is reading your post and looking for hope and answers!!



It takes so little time to do all of this! Once or twice a week for 5 to 10 min. I spend 10 t0 30 min. a couple of times a week because this is so close to my heart and I feel called to do this. Some of the same people always post, but Mel would like to see everyone posting something every week. In a 24 hour period, it is so little time!

Please do this for yourself and your wellness and most of all for God!!

Don't mean to scold, just to literally beg!!!

Hugs and Love,
Rockin Robin.

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