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Prayers for Cathee from Natural Ginesis

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8:12:30 AM

Morgellons -

Dear Laura ,

Thank you for heartfelt post and for caring about Cathee and the sudden loss of her twin sister Aimee. We all send Love Cathee's way at this sad time. She lost her dear husband Ralph not that long ago and now Aimee and we are sad for what she is going through.

I agree that Cathee had a huge heart and has helped many many people in our community and beyond. She is a lovely woman :-).

Laura I am so sorry you lost your sister Jeanne suddenly three years ago. Sending Love your way also!

Your poem that you wrote for Jeanne is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it for Cathee.

Love Chrissie

8:36:29 AM

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Thank you for letting the community know of Cathee's loss. She is such a blessing to many and has been a great supporter of this community.

I would like to share a poem I wrote after the sudden loss of my beautiful sister (3 years ago) and pray that the words will bring some comfort to Cathee.

My heart is broken and hurting,
because a piece has been taken away.
My sister went to visit heaven
and then decided to stay.

She left a little too soon,
but I know she is in a beautiful place.
So now I will treasure the memories
of her love and her faith and her grace.

I love you Jeanne my beautiful sister
and I know you are paving the way.
For the rest of your family to live,
with our Savior in heaven someday.

In Christ,

8:13:24 AM

Morgellons - Door way to Heaven
Door way to Heaven

Dear All,

Can you please pray for Cathee who, a few weeks ago, lost her twin sister Aimee.

It happened suddenly and all our hearts go out to Cathee with her loss.

We are so very sorry that you are going through this Cathee, please take the best care of your lovely self.