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5:11:15 PM

Hi Delia,

Yes this is a tough disease.

I found that listening to the older conference calls (start at the bottom) was helpful.

Those people are gone from the site because they became well. There is a lot of information that you can glean from the recordings, things that you may not always hear on the current site, so find a quiet place to rest and listen.

I listened in the bathtub for quite a while.

Try to be compassionate with yourself and the trouble your body is having to endure. The part of you that is deep inside can triumph over the fear and pain of this illness.

9:43:44 AM

Hello Delia,

I was actually hoping some from our past might respond to your question.

I am happy that Jamie reached back out to you.

I am aware of two women who had children born while fighting Morgellons and the Great News is, they were both Born Healthy!

Sure HOPE this helps you and if you wish further assistance just contact me!

Good luck, God bless,

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