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Protocol is working

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8:55:58 AM

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Hello Everyone,

Just a quick shout out to Mel for hosting
Robert Scott Bell Saturday, Thank you !!

Mr. Bell is so knowledgeable about so many
Different subjects, I Iove listening to him ..
Thank you Robert for thinking the time to do
These calls for us , I for one really appreciate
It !! You can learn so much !!

I hope everyone is doing well and the
Protocol is helping you .. a hello to Jen and
Anna and I do hope your being encouraged
From these calls, Mel and the protocol!!

To Naz and your sister Maria , how beautiful it
Was to hear you sing Sunday on the prayer call !!! Truly beautiful!!
Thank you!!

In my 3 rd month of the protocol now and
Working real hard on the diet , doing good I think..
Thank you Tea for the recipes you share , so

I hope to start seeing wellness Soon , but definitely
in there for the duration of Time it takes !!

God Bless Everyone and keep fighting!!! :-)

3:24:14 PM

Morgellons -

Hi Everyone!!,

A quick comment on the Joint Marvel
Supplement from Logo's Nutritionals and
John B .

Thank you Mel for adding that to
The protocol for me!
I've been having Problems with my back and my joints for
About a year now and it wasn't getting any
Better but instead worse so I talked to
Mel about it and he added the Joint Marvel
For me , well I'm so happy to report that it's
Making a noticeable difference in my right
Hand which was giving me a lot of pain , I'm
Happy to say the difference is really good
And I can now use my hand so much better.

Thank you Mel for knowing what to do to
Help the situation, I'm hoping it will help with
The other problems to .

Time will tell but I'm Sure hopeful!!!
So Thank you Mel and John B And Also the HCAF
for supplying the medicine I need to heal ,
Eternally grateful really , Thank You!!!

I pray continuously for support for the
HCAF and for all the precious ones the foundation
Helps !!

Thank you Again. !!

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