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7:24:01 AM

Morgellons - Click the picture and expand your knowledge!
Click the picture and expand your knowledge!


A very uplifting post Chrissie! "Thank you."


6:48:13 AM


Dear All,

This website is a tremendous source of knowledge at your fingertips.

I think it's the best website hands down for toxic disease on the world wide web:-).

So many websites are full of extreme horror stories, doom, gloom and misinformation. They scare the living daylights out of people! As If this illness wasn't hard enough to go through in the first place.

It's great that it's all documented here. Previous warriors journeys like Monica's, Teresa's, Peter's and Justin's are all here. It's fantastic they took the time to share their healing journeys with us. And just look at the multitude of posts on the forum both present and past! It's so important to learn how to heal every day..and you have it all here at your disposal.

Make use of this knowledge and experience! In this way, other peoples journeys can help you too in your healing journey.

And please throw away the microscope! It's an instrument of torture to you when you have this disease. We are none of us Nobel prize winning scientists... we will not discover exactly what this is. We will not persuade the blinkered medical profession or many loved ones or friends either.

What we can do is shift the focus away from exactly what this is, to what we can do to heal our weakened immunity. That's it ...that should be your main purpose. And be gentle on yourself too, give yourself Love as you go through this difficult journey.

It's not your fault your immunity became compromised and you got this. So give yourself a hug, breathe and know bit by bit , you can get through it!!

With the Grace of God, the help of Mel and the community and the will get there.

Take care,

7:22:31 AM

Morgellons - It's the SUM of the parts, not some of the parts, click the picture
It's the SUM of the parts, not some of the parts, click the picture

Hey Nancy!

Thanks for giving everyone. Such a great idea! There is so many great opportunities and learning when you can read all the post from past warriors that got well. There is also so much more information in regards to our diet, correct ways with the protocol and all the importance of the main factors like sleep, keeping the mindset of getting well, as well as the other important as far as essential oil’s all the way down to efficient ways in keeping your home, clean without overdoing it!

So I encourage all who have any questions, especially for the new people to not hesitate to re-search this site as well as listen to past Saturday calls! It will definitely help get you the information needed so you don’t have the need to worry, it can help you focus on the most important decisions in your journey in getting well!

Stay well!

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