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8:35:45 AM

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Hello Everyone ,

Saturdays Mornings call was very nice, to hear everyone's story and their perseverance is amazing, because I can say I could not comprehend how or what was happening to me.

I tried foggers and cleaners and washed everything continuously with now end to it and I just couldn't find a answer, so I started looking online for symptoms of what I was experiencing , at the time there was very little information, somehow I stumbled on this website of the protocol , I ordered one month and nothing really changed, and in my research I found the Kleen Green and started using that, but when I couldn't eradicate it I thought well It must not be working so I quit buying it , I had no idea at the time what I had or the depth of the illness nor how long it would take to get well. I did eventually find info about Morgellons on Mel's website but because I didn't have some of the problems I didn't think that's what I had and I couldn't or didn't want to believe that such a thing was real..

But now I know it is, but it took quite a process to finally come to terms with it and do what I had to do to get well..

In the meantime I was bitten by two ticks and spiders to , I had the huge red swollen patches on my back where i had been bitten , no one knew about Lyme including me so we thought it was a brown recluse spider and waited, I did go to the Dr. but had a reaction to the antibiotics i was given and received no more treatment.. I think I have Lyme but had no knowledge of any of it.

So then I got Covid along with 3 other family members and was very sick for a long time, I since have a problem with brain fog and remembering things I once didn't have to think about.. but it's slowly getting better, I was put on anxiety medication when I had Covid because the panic attacks were so bad I couldn't focus on anything.. I still take it sometimes when I need it. It's easier for me to write things down than to speak because of the anxiety but I am working on that as well.

So I just wanted to share a bit about me and my journey that brought me to where I am now . And to say after the call this morning I had such a peace and a feeling that the Lord was right here with me in this fight of my life, not only with me but right in the center of this with each one of us.. His Love for us is so real and strong, Thank you everyone for being that safe place to share, as you know that is very hard to find...

I hope this is not to much at once but I haven't been able to share anything with anyone through out this awful disease, I tried at first to make sense of it and find a way really to kill it, but they didn't believe me or think it was possible this could happen so I didn't talk about it anymore..

There is a ton of emotions you experience with this and it's very difficult . So I'll keep fighting until ... well forever...
I came across a product that I want to try , it says it kills biofilm and they have a few for different needs, sinus , body , laundry and surface cleaning.. I do want to try these as soon as finances allow...

The name of the product is :
P2 Probiotic Power

It say this kills mold, fungus, mildew ,bacteria and viruses..
I wanted to throw that out there , if anyone wants to give it a

God Bless all of you and I am praying for a speedy recovery for all and for provision for everything needed to recover . Thank You !! : ) ..

8:30:02 AM

Morgellons - Those who never give up HOPE restore their health
Those who never give up HOPE restore their health

As we approach Easter Sunday and celebrating the resurrections of our Savior, lets give thanks for the many blessings in our life. Although we have suffered with MD it will NOT have the final say in our journey.

The blessings could include the new knowledge you are gaining as you overcome MD, understanding your bio-terrain and how to restore it, and mostly the stronger relationships you are developing with Christ.

Today I pray for all members of this community to gain the knowledge and perseverance it takes to overcome MD. In addition, I pray they keep their faith in our Savior and believe there is a light after the darkness.

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

In Christ,

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