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Ruth Ann

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8:35:38 AM

Morgellons - BOY DO I MISS RENO!

Dear Ruth Ann,

What a beautiful big garden, lovely big house and all the huge luscious green trees!! I'm glad you live in a picturesque place:-).

Also, it's soo good that you are growing Pepper plants, under a light in the dining room!! Did Mel show you how to do that? He had a veritable forest in his office in Nevada It was pretty amazing!!

It's cool that you have Onions and Squash in your garden and that you are growing Strawberries and Asparagus. I love Roasted Asparagus with Olive oil, garlic and sea salt, yum!!

It will be super nice to see pictures as your garden evolves over summer.

God Bless,

Ruth Ann
8:36:27 AM

Morgellons - Ah, Your'e back at it!
Ah, Your'e back at it!

I.m looking at 6 pepper plants growing under lights in my dining room. One has an orange color pepper on it and 1 little one that fell off. I'm about to start a few seeds and order some onion sets. I learned last year how to grow onions which I had never done before - its all in the ground preparation . I've been using my garden onions all winter. I've also been eating my squash all winter and i;am eating my last one tomorrow.

I also have strawberries and asparagus planted. Freshly picked asparagus is the best,
I love to work in my garden, all day if the weather permits. Hopefully this summer I will be able to keep your mouths watering with pictures. I dont have a cell phone but am considering getting one mainly to take pictures. Any suggestions on what to get or not to get would be appreciated.

Ruth Ann

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