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Sat.'s Call "BYOQ" More Communication is Better 5/22/21

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Rockin Robin
9:23:00 AM

Morgellons -

Hey Everyone,

This week's "Coffee Tea With Me" Saturday's call was a very successful BYOQ - Bring Your Own Questions. Warriors who are near the end of their journeys and other ones who have been here a while answered questions from new members and discussions about many topics were covered.

The importance of joining the website and being an active member in relation to getting well was encouraged. Learning through the search engine, participating in the weekend phone calls, sharing with others, and reading on the website was discussed and the critical value of these activities toward healing was expressed.

Also, the benefits of hobbies, doing activities you like, staying spiritually lifted was expressed to be highly influential in our health growth!! Terry gave us some of her testimony and many others encouraged the new members!!

If you missed this great call, please listen to the recording posted just below!

Til next time,
May God be With You Daily And Give You His Peace And Strength!!

Love & Hugs,
Rockin Robin

Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 05-22-21

Listen o Audio