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Donald **

1:46:17 PM
Saturday 12-11 Conference call review.


1st of all Sunday Blessing to you all as I am writing this on Sunday morning.

This post is to Thank Ellen from Mass. who was kind enough to take the time to tell us all how she recovered from toxic diseases @ a very fast clip, Yes 9-months is outstanding speed to recover.

Ellen & her daughter who is a researcher moved very fast to get on the protocol, I believe this was huge & why 9-months to get well was possible.

She did so much right like moving inland to a mold free house like many of us should do.

Ellen also had a boss who cared about her health allowing her stress to be light, I know this was huge for her recovery, Nice people are needed to lift your spirits & keep faith strong, These diseases show you who your real friends are in a flash.

Ellen talked about how she handled our diet by planning ahead & getting friends to help make meals for her, By the way she lost 40-lbs.of body weight & we all know eating very light is needed so your body burns all of what it takes in so nothing is left to turn into sugar that.

I am absolutely thrilled Ellen got better, She made that possible & you can also.

God Bless you all--Donald

Coffee, Tea with Me - Warrior, Ellen of Troy - 12-11-21

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