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Saturdays Coffee Tea with Me 3/2/2024 RSB & Peter

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9:39:34 AM

Morgellons - CLICK THE PICTURE, To hear this websites theme song!
CLICK THE PICTURE, To hear this websites theme song!

Hello Everyone ,

Saturday 3/2/2024 Coffee Tea and Me Call with Robert Scott Bell and Peter, was a great one! With a lot of great information Robert Scott Bell and Peter had to share with us ! Mel said the attendance for today's call was off the charts !
We all look forward to the calls with Robert .

The call started off with the topic of microwaves and how we should never use them for anything and how dangerous they are to our bodies , so if at all possible distance yourself from using microwaves for any reason except to store things ..

Robert talked about using a convection oven is a good substitute for microwave
And much healthier too . Robert also spoke about his web-a-nars he has on his website with a lot of educational material for your learning how things effect your body , what is good and what is not , so take look and learn what helps us .

Robert moved on to Cell Phones , he gave some illustrations about what they can do and suggested never to put them to your ears , rather use the speaker or ear phones , much safer , he also said to try to limit the time your using your devices, in doing so you can limit some of the effects of cell phone damage to your body .

I think reading the information on these topics will better educate us on how to take care of ourselves better .. Robert said the best we can do is to keep your immune system strong and to give your body what it needs and get rid of the things that are detrimental . Robert spoke about a article called synergy science on his website which explains some of these things that may help to better understand what we need to do..

Robert and Peter have a lot of information and helpful ideas for us so check out what you can on his website and listen to the call when Mel posts it .. Robert also talked about 5G and the towers , and if at all possible don't live next to a 5G tower , but as we all know that's not as easy as it sounds .

Peter talked about a few websites that have a bunch of studies you can read if you want to know more about the effects of 5G and the towers to your health ..
Robert also talked about Copper and Selenium shielding the body from some of the effects , it can help at least ..

The topic went on to the new variants of Covid and Robert had a lot to say about that , I think you'll find interesting , so please listen to the call as he describes it much better than I can , and it's interesting as well . Robert suggests we keep a check on our emotions and our relationships, keep the negativity away and have a positive outlook , it really does make a difference in your health , hard as it may be to limit negative relationships it would be in our best interest to do so .. Fruit for thought .. And of course remember we don't need any of the new things they want us to take , so shy away from those things by all means ..

There was a lot talked about today , to mu h to write it all down so I highly recommend listening to the recording yourself and you can get all the information on the call ..

Mel said if we utilize the things we have learned we can help ourselves to stay a little bit safer .. Robert also suggests Homeopathic approach for counteracting the effects of COVID and he talked about the body having nicotine receptors all over the place and how they have found nicotine patches or pure nicotine helps to push out some of those things affecting the health .

Robert really gives a lot of history on the flu shot and influenza so be sure to listen to the call ..

In closing Robert and Peter suggested do your research, bring the body back in balance, stay calm , learn , and do what you can to help yourself and what you can't do give it to God . Remember Robert's radio broadcast as well , a ton of information and helpful ideas with many educated guests all the time for your learning. Don't forget to Rest , Relax , Exercise , Eat Healthy, keep a Positive Outlook and by all means enjoy what you can in life.

Robert said do not live in Fear !

With Mel , Robert , Peter , John B. sovereign Silver and Cathie along with all the other help, we got this !

God Bless and stay Positive !

Robert Scott Bell & Peter Horn
Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 03/02/24

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9:39:34 AM

Morgellons -

Hello Everyone,
I hope everyone is doing well today ,
We had a wonderful conference call
Today , the title was Food Glorious Food !
Joe and Peter were the guests today and
Had a few things to say about Food , the
Protocol and adhering to the Diet .
Joe started the call with how food works
In our body , and how food is critical to
The process of Health, also to let our food
Be our medicine and the path to good
Health , a very important part in the
Restoration process .. So try to make the
Best choices everyday to aid and insure
Our recovery...
A Big Thank you to Joe and Peter , also
Mel of course for putting these very important
And informative calls together for all , also
The time taken with Joe and Peter in
Joining us today and sharing your wealth
Of knowledge with us , I know we all appreciate
The time you take to help all of us in this
Journey and bringing lifelong changes that
Will benefit us and protect our Health for
The rest of our lives , Thank You !
Mel talked about how in the beginning,
There was not a diet and how Peter was
Instrumental in forming the diet for others
To benefit from , it started out as Delicious
Recipes for your Dining Enjoyment , there
Are so many wonderful recipes in that thread
To help anyone new to this forum , and
Navigating this difficult journey to regain
Your Health .
There were some really good questions
Asked . Peter talked about morgellons is
Associated with the Borrelia or Lyme disease,
He said there are 40 species , the spirochetes,
Is difficult to eradicate, and how blood tests
To identify Lyme disease can most often
Give false , negative results so just assume
You have Lyme if you have morgellons.
Peter went on to say the Western Blot
Is the most reliable test , so make that choice
For yourself if you desire to do it. Peter
Said micronutrients is the best way to eliminate
The bacteria . Joe and Peter talked about Fats,
Good and the bad , saying that a avacado
Is one of the best and healthiest fats you
Can eat , nuts , almond butter and Kerry
Gold butter are the best and good for you .
Peter recommended Salmon for omega
Intake, it's good for brain health as well.
Along with Cardiovascular health and
Rheumatoid arthritis and a reduction of
Inflammation which is a wonderful thing .
Both Joe and Peter recommend whole flax
Seeds and chia seeds that you grind yourself
And add to a smoothie, love that idea .
Peter also recommended Olive Oil , Coconut
Oil , and to get your fiber from fruits , he
Recommended granny apples cooked with
Cinnamon, to have a bit of that to help
With constipation and gut health.. what a
Sweet idea . Love that to.
Nancy asked about Buckwheat flour ,
Quinoa, and Amaraith flour , both Peter and
Joe agrees that these Organic flours are
Excellent for us and you can make pancakes,
And bake with them , they are good for you.
Joe said these are good substitutions for
White rice or brown rice, so that's good to
Know as well.
Peter recommended these type of breads
,and we can have these in moderation and
Small portions, they are Buckwheat bread,
Pumpernickel bread, Soda bread and Rye
Bread.. He Also says sprouted breads are
Good as well.. Peter says to avoid whole
Wheat bread , white bread and whole grains
Bread .
Peter closed with stay connected to God
And follow the guiding principles..
A Great Call today ! I hope Everyone has
A wonderful Christmas Month , and you feel
Better every day .. I pray that all the health
Challenges that we are dealing with alone
With morgellons will be healed and we
Know the Joy of life again .
Blessings to All and Have a wonderful
Christmas.. Amen.

"Food - Glorious Food"
Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 12/02/23

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