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Saturday's active Conference Call

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3:58:17 PM

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Well what lovely active conference this Saturday, many members attended, even lovely Joyce who is a long-standing member popped by to say hello, between taking her dogs to and from the vets.

We started by going around the room to see if there were any issues/questions that member might need help with or answered, there were questions on foods that can or maybe shouldn't be eaten. Also, a discussion on what is best worn against your skin along many more. All questions received lots of very good answers and opinions.

Mel then asked us to tell the new members what was the first thing that made a positive difference to us after finding and joining the community, it seemed by the replies diet and Logos supplements were the main key factors. Also, people talked about how having Mel's help and support to guide them through each step was invaluable, others spoke about having such a positive member group was to them inspiring.

Thank Mel for all your hard work behind the scenes, you make everything seem so effortless ?? and a big thank you to all the members for helping this to be such a great safe community.

Freddie x
Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 12-19-20

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