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Karianne & Joe **

11:28:12 PM
Saturday's BYOQ - Sept 5, 2020

Saturday's BYOQ was one for the record books folks! The subject "We are Warriors" did not disappoint. In less than two days time, Mel was able to connect with and bring back six Warriors - Peter, Kelly, Donna, Ruth Ann, Terry and Ellen - to share with us their respective journeys to health restoration and life after Morgellons. Although each traveled their own path to wellness, they all experienced and advise some common keys to their success - READ ON!

Nutrition: it could not be stressed enough just how important it is to understand that what we feed our bodies dictates if, and how quickly, one will get better. Sticking to the diet, RELIGIOUSLY, is by far the most important. Keep the sugars, carbs and processed junk out of the pantry and stick to whole, plant-based foods, veggies, fresh fruit/berries and quality proteins. It's okay to reintroduce some of those foods, like dairy, chocolate and grains, but ONLY after one gets better. Until then, do not stray from the diet.

Rest: get the rest when you can. Sometimes your body may be so tired that it's hard to stay awake long enough to get in all of your daily protocol, but that's okay - your body has been craving good, REM sleep and requires it. Take naps frequently and whenever possible. Mel also commented that we get our best REM sleep the earlier we turn in; better to hit the hay at 7pm and sleep until noon the next day if that's what your body is asking.

Coaching: get coaching from Mel. He gives you all the tools but without proper guidance and the knowledge he provides to tailor the protocol to your specific needs, it will be very hard to get better. What happens when you're driving to your destination, only to find out that you don't have a map or GPS? You'd get lost! Coaching with Mel is the key to implementing the sum of the parts and regaining your life.

Community: doing anything important that requires a lot of work is very difficult, if not impossible, to do on your own. It's essential to be supported by others. Whether it's within this community by attending weekend calls, hearing other's stories/forum posts, having someone in your close circle to trust, a good Church group or Pastor... no matter where it comes from you must have support to lift you up when it gets challenging and to hold you accountable to stay the course.

To simplify everything that was spoken, and what this community and website has to offer, which is far more valuable than the $5/month membership fee, listen to Mel. The common denominator in every Warrior's success story has been how they did everything Mel told them to do and sticking to the plan. Some healed faster than others; some slower. Regardless, ALL Warriors who shared their stories got better and encourage each of us that we can and will get better.

Have HOPE!


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