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Saturday's BYOQ

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Fredddie bean
5:21:44 PM

Morgellons - <b>Here we offer HOPE</b>
Here we offer HOPE

Saturday's BYOQ conference call,

was firstly directed by Mel to the newbies, Mel talk through that although supplements were a big part at get us well, they were by no means the only thing, we must all remember the sum of the parts. Mel spoke about reading through the web site and forum, the forum is a such a great way in seeing how people are progressing on their journey to reaching wellness.

Mel mentioned it helps to listen to the videos on some of those who gained their life back, you can find all the links to these under "Follow the journey's". Coming to the conference calls and hearing people talk about how they have also had the same issues and for the newbies to come to the Sunday prayer meeting where we also have fellowship afterwards, here we really get to know the members and form friendships.

Posting in the forum is good thing to do, so you can map your progress. After the initial introductions for the newbies Mel went around for everyone to ask any questions, they would like answered. Mel demonstrated that just putting one word in to the search box they could find all the answers there.

There were questions on Palpitations, clothes washing, sleep problems and CBD oil, nausea ,coffee substitute and Kosher meat.

Thank you, Mel, for all your knowledge you share with us, goodness knows where we would all be without you.

Freddie x

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