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Saturday's Call with Joe on Nutrition

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Fredddie bean
4:55:53 PM

Morgellons -

How lucky were our members to have Joe to be our speaker on nutrition, lots of members turned up for this Saturday's conference call and they were not disappointed. Jo talked about his journey from how he got on the road to healthy eating, he covered so many aspects not only what was good or bad for us but how the body responds to the foods we eat, Peter came in with suggestions on some other things that were good for us and that are easily digested.

The book The China Study by Dr Campbell was/is a book that inspires Jo, he mentioned that at the time of Dr Campbell finding there wasn't a need for supplements as there was everything the body needed was in the soli, unfortunately this has changed over the years and for us supplements are a must.

Jo explained how food company's hide ingredients like sugar, the way they mislead us on their food packaging, is to use names like Dextrose, Fructose, Glucose, Sucrose to name just a few. So when seeing prepacked things that say low or No sugar don't get taken in as there probably is! The best way to avoid hidden bad ingredients is to buy clean foods and staying away from processed ones is a must.

This conference call is a real must to listen back to, as there was so much information, far too much for me to do it justice.

Thank you so much for such an interesting talk Jo and really looking forward to seeing the posts you are going to make.

Mel what a cracker of a call ! Thank you so much.

Freddie x
Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 10/17/20

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