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Saturday's Call with Mel and Peter's story

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Rockin Robin
11:09:47 PM

Morgellons -

Hey Y'all,

Just a shout out to Mel and Peter about Sat.'s " Coffee, Tea, and Me." Thanks you guys for a wonderful call ! I learned more about each one of your stories and thought how great it was for the new people to hear your testimonies. Plus, there was good information on the side! You both are so appreciated!!

Love & Hugs, Rockin Robin

8:33:54 PM

Morgellons -

I want to say how much I enjoyed this call and how good it felt to be able to attend on a Saturday.

It was great to hear both Mel and Peter tell their histories and how they met, sharing and regaining their health.

I always learn something new every time I come on a call. It was interesting and both stories intertwined very well. I hope to be able to come more often.

Thank you both so much for always make the calls so interesting and helpful.


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