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Saturday’s Call

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12:14:21 PM

There was a lot of information in this call. Seth Quinto spoke about the benefits of Copper and Silver and how beneficial they are for MD. We were on the topic of dental health and he gave three websites to help find a holistic dental practice.
3 sites that were recommended were

Laura and Kelly both gave great testimonials about how they're sickness began with biting and itching and how they have been healed. The stories were very relatable, and it was wonderful to hear that they were able to overcome the symptoms and dis-ease that we are currently experiencing by using the sum of the parts = the protocol, diet, coaching, silver, kleen green, WPS, water, rest, and the community/forum.

I hope you will take the time to listen to the call.

Take care.

Coffee, Tea with Me Saturday 03-11-2023

11:18:37 AM

Morgellons -

Hello You All.

One of the best!
More people, longer call, more information!!!! All good!

Thank the healed warriors Aunt Laura and Kelly for their information and answering questions. Missed Ellen of Troy praying all is well you! Look forward to hearing from you. The ladies shared wonderful information.

We had Seth Quinto from sovereign Silver talked about their products and answered many, many questions! This man is so full of knowledge we could have listen to him all day! Thankful he is coming back in a few weeks! If you missed Saturday’s call make sure you catch him in a few weeks. So thankful for this company and their dedication to their work and the world!

I am Waiting for call to be posted there was so much information it was hard to take it all in!!! Please make sure you listen to this call you will have a lot to write down or print out!

Just trying to give a heads up to make sure you don’t miss this!!! Please for you sake or someone you know really needs this information.

Kelly gave here praise for the copper which was awesome and I also commented that it has really pushed me towards more healing faster. I will be taking it as long as I can get it!

Sometimes it is hard to look at life different but with this disease we are willing to try because this has changed our lives so much!

God Bless

Coffee, Tea with Me Saturday 03-11-2023

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