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Saturdays Coffee Tea and Me

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8:20:46 AM

Morgellons - Every single person was positive
Every single person was positive

Hello Everyone ,

Hope you are having a wonderful day in the Lord today ,
Yesterday was the Saturday call Coffee Tea with Me , thank
You Mel for bringing us all together once again , unfortunately
The Special guest that was scheduled for the call had an
Emergency and was unable to be with us , we do hope everything
Is OK with her and her family .

So we just all talked a little bit about the progress we are making
And how we're improving .. this will be a short post today , the call
Was not lengthy but it was very nice hearing how everyone is doing.

Laurie talked a bit about how she's doing , and did say it takes a
Long time to build your immune system back up , and how important it is to be patient and embrace the long haul of it even though we want to be better so much sooner, I sure understand, I would like to be well now , but know I have to be patient with the process and be determined to stick it out no matter what ! Laura stated she has been on the protocol for five years now , and she's doing good , she mentioned she gets to get her hair done for the first time in a long time , congratulations Laura that you are doing so much better and on your way to complete recovery !

Every victory no matter how big or small is a happy moment , and we should indeed be happy about each one ..

God's richest Blessings to you Laura and to your family also !

Jen talked a little also about how mach better she is as well , Jen encouraged everyone to listen to your body , and be kind to yourself through the process , and she stated through much prayer and patience she is improving , Congratulations to you as well Jen and God's richest Blessings to you and your family as well !

Peter came on and told us all that he had received his certification and he is now certified for the, Certified Response System for clinical conditions and he could now possibly bring to the forefront the Morgellons sufferers who have been told what they have isn't real , that it's all in there head. We all know it's not a d we certainly all know it's very real !

So now Peter says he can be an advocate for the people who suffer from this disease , Congratulations to you Peter for you achievement and your servant's heart , God Bless you in your endeavor to help others !

Joe gave a short update on Carrie Ann and his family , he loves where he lives now and says it is very beneficial to the whole family's well being and continued healing .
Congratulations Carrie Ann, Delilah and Joe and well wishes to all of you !

Nancy spoke a bit about her progress also and how much better she is doing as well , she no longer has cancer and stated her Dr said she didn't have to come back for five years , I believe that's what she said , she also say how grateful she is to Mel the protocol , the HCAF and God for her continued recovery ! Also the fantastic progress she has made , Congratulations to you also Nancy on accomplishing so much in turning things around , may you continue to experience progress and be doing your Happy dance very soon , prayers go up for Rusty as well and I hope he is doing well and he remains well for a very long time to come ! God Bless you and your Family Nancy !

I also am doing better , I have some really good days now and I'm looking forward to full recovery as soon as it can happen , I'm determined to stay the course and stay on point until the day I to am fully recovered!

Thank You Mel for helping all of us and giving your life to see everyone gets well , Thank You! I pray for your continued well being and your happiness and God's Richest Blessings for you Mel and everyone who helps with the protocol and putting it all in place !

Well wishes also to Everyone suffering from this disease and to everyone who will visit this website , I hope all get well very soon and God Bless you All !

Mel & Peter
Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 03/23/24

Download Audio File

Download Audio File

8:20:46 AM

Morgellons -

Hello All ,

A short post on Saturdays Call Coffee Tea and Me with Mel and Peter ,
Saturday's call was a review of the Auction Results , a 1st quarter review, As well as manufacturers calls and what they shared with us
Mel said , Thank you Laura and congratulations on the auction, Jen Jen blessings to
You for your generosity !

It started off with testimonials of those who have gotten better in the last
Year , not completely well but close , Nancy had a great testimony along with
Laura , Katherine said they are so much better, such great news!

Thank all of you for sharing your journey and encouraging the rest of us to keep
Going with the knowledge they we to will get well.

Mel talked about Maria is ready to do her Happy Dance , Congratulations !
We Wish you all the best going forward ..

Michelle A is better, Mel says and will be leaving soon and hopefully even know she's shy will also do a happy dance call ?

Michelle of Hong Kong Will also be well in less than two years, which is exceptional For a mother who works full time!

Mel and Peter discussed the information brought forth in the calls from our different manufacturers.

Congratulations to all of you who are getting better and can see the finish line for
Your lives . Blessings to all of you !

Mel and Peter reiterate the importance of getting enough sleep , and how it is one
Of the healing process, the second extremely important thing is stress , getting this
Control and with time eliminating it entirely is the most important thing one can do
For themselves, it is on it's own so damaging to your health and hindrance to you
Recovery , so it's highly recommended and important to do all you can to get rid of the stresses if at all possible .. find ways to bring calm and peace to your life and environment.

Peter discussed the effectiveness of the ingredients of the supplements in the protocol..
Then it went to a general conversation about past posts and discussing the calls past
In Coffee Tea and Me with the Manufacturer's that have contributed to the protocol to
Make it the success it is .. Thank You to Everyone who worked so hard to put all the sum
Of the parts protocol together that's has been the shining star and restored so many to
Health once again .

A Special Thanks to Mel for putting it all together in the first place ,
Without the time , dedication and commitment no one would have found their way to
Regaining their Heath and having a second chance to live again ! Thank You Mel !

Lastly Peter recommended staying with Natural products and staying away from
Pharmaceuticals entirely if at all possible .. Also finally Don't neglect the emotional and
Spiritual side of things while dealing with this disease , and the importance of taking
Care of every part of ourselves . Reach out to God , Jehovah , he loves you and he will
Help you .. Put your trust in Jesus as Lord and Savior , he will lead to victory ..

So I hope everyone is doing well and that all will recover completely very soon !
God Bless !

Mel and Peter - Auction Results - Year in Review - BYOQ
Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 11/11/23

Download Audio File