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Saturday's Coffee Tea with Me

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9:01:10 AM

Morgellons - What John and Mel have seen over the 14 years, Click the picture
What John and Mel have seen over the 14 years, Click the picture

Hello All ,

Wow what a Great Call today with Peter !

Thank you Peter for your wealth of information And how you so graciously delivered that
Knowledge with every question answered! Thank you also for the wonderful opening
Prayer !!

Peter is one of the original 4 warriors as Mel called them who is now 8 years well ! So Great !!

Peter started off By saying we have to be warriors and be Determined to get well and we would see That come to fruition.

Peter and Mel talked about the importance Of posting and keeping A live journal,(Mel Calls it a book,) which helps our Recovery , he added the importance of alliances And having someone to share with in our journey to recovery... And we all know how Hard it is to share with anyone what we face Daily .. He mentioned the therapeutic effect Companionship and compassion play in our Recovery and well being.. All the things Mel preaches and trays to teach us!

Peter talked about Eugenics - which in it's Simplest form means the relationships and
Environment we have can play a significant part In our recovery, by turning on the good genes
And turning off the bad genes , very interesting but true in my opinion. Pretty important to our recovery,

So we need to choose relationships that facilitate Positive interactions in our lives which seems to Be a crucial component in our health in all Aspects..

Mel added the importance of the book as well, And keeping everything you've learned handy in the Book, for easy reference when needed .. Peter says information from your journal helps you to heal and Continue discovery in your healing journey .. so Very important to dig into the posts in the forum and Glean as much information as possible to help know How to navigate this disease..

Mel used to say read read read and read some more!There were so many Great questions and answers ..

Peter went on to talk about the critical role the Protocol plays in restoring the bio-terrain and suggests Going onto the logo's website and reading what all the Ingredients in each supplement and how they work all In synergy, so beautifully restoring the systems in our Body that brings about our eventual healing ...

Peter is also doing a call on diet with Joey December 2nd. and I'm sure everyone will enjoy that as well... Peter also has an upcoming show with Robert Scott Bell in
January, I'm sure Mel will post when that comes around..

So stay tuned as they for sure promises to be a Fantastic shows as well as this one.

Peter talked Ubinol Co Q10 that works on the cell Production and also helps with inflammation and Cholesterol, so if you take Statins he recommends
Ubinol Co Q10.

He talked about how different each one of us are, In the symptoms we experience but reassured everyone That as you heal and your immune system gets stronger
The symptoms Will go away.. that's wonderful news .. Mel has been telling us that very same thing for a very long time!

There's so much Peter talked about and such good information I would encourage everyone to listen to the actual call , it's So much better to hear it for yourself..
here were questions about breakouts and rashes , so
Mel said to shower with warm or cool water not hot , as this
Disease loves hot water .. Peter said to bathe only every couple of
Days , because of the role your skin flora , good bacteria plays in helping to get
Rid of the bad bacteria and such , hope I have that right ..

Peter is so knowledgeable and I can't do it justice so please listen
To the call you will better understand what was said..

Peter talked about how all disease begins and ends in the gut .. And how important restoring the bio-terrain is..
So Aloe Vera and Sovereign Silver work for the health of the intestinal tract ,
Issues like diverticulitis, leaky gut and so on , so 2ozs.of Aloe Vera
With 1 oz. Sovereign silver 2 to 3 times a day will do the trick ..

Also Using Sovereign Silver in the nebulizer will help with mold in the
Lungs he says . Silver helps the good bacteria to thrive and inhibits the
Bad bacteria from growing..

Peter and Mel talked about how there's no silver bullet for this disease
But persistence with good diet and the protocol is the recipe for regaining
Your health .. in short balancing our system through diet , the protocol, and
Not being afraid, along with a strong relationship with God in prayer is
The answer .. so Organic is the best for us , eating things that grow underground
Is the way to go along with fresh vegetables of course..

He went on to say how Kleen Green has helped in so many ways , from spraying
Your bedding to your environment, air freshener, laundry , and even bathing with
It . Even works on your socks , if you have any foot issues just spray your socks
In the morning and that will help clear it up .. Wps along with Ado-ban works great
To ... Peter says it eliminates bio film from the walls which is so helpful...

He also About the negative effects of 5G and microwaves , and how you should put your
Phone on airplane mode when you sleep , get rid of the microwave to if possible, I
Have one in the apartment, not by choice but I never use it .. he also suggested
Getting a test called D-Dimer that will determine if you have elevated fibrine in your
Blood and with that you'll know if there is vascular issues..

In closing he mentioned Opti-Sight for eye issues And floaters , he also mentioned Bromeline for its helpful with Rheumatoid arthritis ,
And how great is that....

So Thank you Peter for bringing so much valuable information to all of us today !

Thank you Mel for putting all this together for our good! Listening to these conference calls is the easiest way to gain knowledge, we encourage more community members to join us.....
It's so Vital to our Recovery !

Thank you both and God Bless !!

Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday 11/11/23

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