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Saturday's Coffee,Tea with Mel Conference call

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8:43:28 PM

Morgellons -

Hi everyone. Saturdays call was indeed great! There was so much to learn and relearn. Hopefully if anyone missed it you will listen to the recording.

Thank you to all who asked questions and a bigger thank you to Mel and Peter. You are both full of wisdom and genuine caring for those who are not yet well. I am so grateful for thi s website and everyone who is here.


Fredddie bean
8:43:28 PM

Morgellons -

What a great call, so informative with lots of questions answered, there were questions on....

WPS : Nancy asked about putting WPS in ones closet and Yolanta asked about putting WPS in her car.

Blood: Donald enquired about how and what happens when Morgellons travels through our blood.

Diet: Barbara talked about her struggles with foods that she cannot eat.

Electromagnetics : Ruthann asked about if Morgellons gets worse around electrical appliances..

There were many more questions and if you listen to the recording which Mel will put up very soon, you will get all the great answers.

Thanks to Peter for answering lots of our questions.

Mel you are our shining star, I dread to think like many about what would have happened to us, if we hadn't found and followed you.

Freddie x

Coffee, Tea with Me - 11-14-20

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