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Saturdays Conference Call with Mel

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Freddie bean
3:05:07 AM

Morgellons -

At this Saturday's conference call Mel talked through Tables of Contents which can be find via the Home page. This was to help familiarise the new members however I feel it help us old members too! I for one forgot how much helpful information was stored there.

There were a few questions from member about Biofilm, the stages/cycles of Morgellons, the effects on Morgellons when one has surgery, my own issues on surgery were the effects either of the anaesthetic or pain relief had on me, I itched all over, it seemed the Morgellons were stimulated by the drugs. WPS seems to be really at the fore in the last few weeks as it was talked about using it as a mouth wash to help clear up infection this week.
One of our newest members asked how to post a new topic, as she would like to start posting but wasn't sure how, Mel talked her though how to achieve this.

Thank you, Mel, for all your hard work keeping not only the conference calls so interesting every week but what you do behind the scenes. I think you would make a good plate spinner!!

Freddie x

Coffee, Tea with Me - Saturday - 11-21-20

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