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Rockin Robin

9:58:51 PM


If you are still having trouble with the laundry after trying several things, ask Mel for my cell # and I will explain how I got rid of them in clothes, blankets, etc...

Rockin Robin
Rockin Robin

9:53:38 PM

Dear Brian,

I read your post and you are so in the right place and spirit! I can only admit that through this disease, God has brought me so much closer to Him and I have turned everything, and I mean everything over to Him. He is giving me wisdom and pouring words out of me!!

Although this journey has its ups and downs, you will see yourself getting better and better! So, hang in there and be positive. Everyday is one step closer to being fully healed!!

Post often and keep in touch dear friend!

Hugs, Rockin Robin

P.S. I use WPS & Kleen Green in the laundry but not together. Wash twice.

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