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7:52:47 PM

I want Thank you,

Karen, Mickey, and Deanna! I will try these out,


10:36:02 AM
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Hi Leslie,

I, like Micky, have NEVER traded in my cotton sheets, initially I washed them daily, then every other day (always using a lint roller and spraying them with Kleen Green on non-washing days), then bi-weekly and for probably a year now I simply wash them once a week, so I cannot help in that area either!!!

As for lotion... I "only" use Organic, Virgin, Unrefined, Cold Pressed, Coconut Oil. I get this one from Costco, with Tea Tree Oil mixed in it. (Click on Picture)

Both have GREAT healing properties. I would definitely suggest trying this and leaving out the Olive Oil, I don't think I would like the feel of that on my skin either!?!?!

Also if you are showering daily, as I know most of us do, especially in the beginning and even sometimes more than once a day... you definitely want to back off from that. Start with every other day and try to work your way down to only showering 2 - 3 times a week. We need to allow our skin to do what it wants to do naturally which is heal and protect!!!

(Mel Says: Thank you Deanna I have been trying to explain this very important fact to everyone over the years)

You can spray yourself down with Kleen Green or WPS on your non-showering days too!!!

Hope this helps, my fellow warrior and Sister in Christ!!!

Love, Peace & MANY Prayers,

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