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3:16:53 PM

Morgellons -

Dear Mary,

We are all very happy indeed to talk with you, as you are such a nice woman. You are so appreciative of everything and so kind back to us.

I just got off the phone to you and you made me smile:-).

So thanks right back at you!!!!!

You know there are many, many lovely people in this community. All of us suffer from Toxic Disease, yet we all rally together.

As we work individually to get stronger, we help each other collectively too.

I guess that's the true meaning of the word, 'community.'

God bless you,
Chrissie (and Holly who really appreciates your prayers.. ... Woof!! ).

12:29:37 PM

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Hi Mary,

I totally agree with your post. I do feel like we are a family. Everyone is so kind and supportive. I dont want to think about where I would be right now without this website and Mel

I'm so glad you are here as well. You are a real sweetheart and a powerful warrior.


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