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8:15:07 AM

Morgellons - Nancy gets it!
Nancy gets it!

Hi Nancy

I want to applaud you for your ongoing commitment to writing and submitting posts that place an emphasis on the discovery made available in this forum and in this website.

Please keep bringing your message so people will come to clearly
realize the value in fully committing to this community and this protocol.


8:15:07 AM

Morgellons -

Hello To Our Community,

This forum keeps growing with new people from all over the world!

We all are looking for help and understanding with what we are going through in these health issues.

You can get questions answered and a lot of help in understanding how and what to do. If they don’t know the answer, they do research and keep looking for the things we need to recover.

As we are all different things may work for you but someone else may need more! There is not a magic pill for all!

Also God is a major part in our healing! You have to work, read, share and do all the SUM of parts!

Mel is our guiding force in our healing plus he has many companies that contribute to help with things we need. It takes time and patience to get well, it will not happen overnight!!

I amSo thankful for all the help and the prayers! So much better than when I connected with this program. They help with food ideas that help and do no harm!

Thank all who contributes.

God bless everyone and may you get healthy everyday.
Nancy S