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Skype wonderful Skype!!!!

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Chrissie **
5:07:32 PM

Morgellons - Skype wonderful Skype!!!!

Dear All,

We had a wonderful conference call, Saturday Jan 8th (see, 'more communication is better). It was with Ruth from England who was the first person to get well from Europe here!!! Its a great call so check it out if you haven't heard it :-).

Ruth, however wasn't the first person around the world to get well with,' the sum of the parts,'. The first was most likely Teresa from Australia who got well alongside her little boy.

Both women used Skype and it was a tremendous help in their healing. They were able to fully be a part of our community through it. As Mel says,"90% of those who fully become community members get well." It helps to stay on track when you connect!!

Skype is easy to use and the least expensive way to communicate. Then no matter where you are in the world, you can take part in conference calls including the prayer call. You can talk to Mel and other community members too by video and /or audio. It's a win /win situation.

Don't be shy, reach out now, no matter where you are from. We want to help you and you do not need to go through this journey alone.

I can tell you wholeheartedly, that it makes a huge difference having community who understands exactly what you're going through.

Take care, we are looking forward to hearing from you,


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