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Rockin Robin

1:04:15 PM

Dear Desiree,

Hi! My name is Robin, known as Rockin Robin in the community. I am so very glad to meet you and want to personally welcome you to the community!

You have found the absolute right place for healing!! Many have gotten completely well after having Lyme and Morgellons for years by listening to Mel and everything in this website and by joining the community and being at the Sat. & Sun. conference calls!!

You are not alone here and you need support, compassion, and care as you go thru this battle in fighting this disease!

We are a loving and caring community and you will make friends who have been where you are!! You will share ease for your symptoms, support in every way, Christian fellowship (only if you desire it) and fun fellowship to ease the stress of this disease!

We care and I'm so very glad you are here!! Welcome sweet sister!!

Post concerns and questions and some one or several will answer!! It's a rocky road and your just beginning, but there IS HEALING at the end!!

Love & Hugs, Your sister in Christ, Rockin Robin

3:36:02 AM

Hello Desiree

You understand the way back. Really encouraged for you. Now you settle into "slow and steady."


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