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5:27:16 PM

Hi My Friends,

Love these posts! So gIad to hear about all the laughter. Me for one...I owe Mel so many dollars for all the laughter he has given me over the years.
Keep smiling.

Proverbs 15: A merry heart makes a cheerful countenamce.


12:07:52 PM

Dear Karen,

Thanks for your great post reminding all of us to look after our health by incorporating some laughter into our day!! And for telling us about Mels sneeze and dance :-). And boy Mel that's a great picture of you Mel as a young handsome strapping lad doing high kicks!!!! And I really liked clicking onto James Brown grooving away and singing, "Get up offa that thing and dance till you feel better and try to release some pressure!!!." Without consciously doing so my hip started to move in time to the beat!!!! And I was thinking, "yeah such good words, sometimes we need to just break free from the worries and stresses and laugh or dance or sing or smile, it all helps us all to relax !!"

It's HUGELY IMPORTANT to have a laugh ESPECIALLY when times are tough and when we are struggling. Some say at this times it's impossible, as we feel too bad. But no it's so so so good for your immunity, so it's essential. So try and watch or read something that will make you laugh, you owe it yourself.

Even the simple act of smiling helps the immune system. you read this, even if you don't feel well, put a big smile on your lips.... Go ahead SMILE!!!!...... :-)... I'M DOING IT RIGHT NOW AND I BET YOU WISH YOU COULD SEE. I have planted a big smile on my lips. Ha!!! It probably looks a bit silly. But the sillier the better,ask Mel he knows!!!!! :-). So it's amazing, but every time we smile, our brain releases neuropeptides to help fight off stress. And it doesnt end there!!! Then other neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and endorphins come into play too. Endorphins are a mild pain reliever and serotonin is a anti depressant.

So kids, whether you feel like it or not GO ON YOU CAN DO IT........GET SMILING!!!!!!

Love Chrissie ( PS... Holly thinks I have gone a bit NUTS, as I have this big daft smile on my face!!! :-)).

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