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11:22:15 PM

I am just wondering about starting the WPS ?

How much water do I add to the drops?
A cup?


Mel Says;


WPS is an oxidant that is only active in the body for a short time (one to two hours). Some of the nutrients in the protocol (such as the vitamin C found in Complete Thymic Formula) may inactivate the WPS if taken together, so it is important to keep the WPS separated from any antioxidants in your regimen.

WPS, is a combination of equal parts of sodium chlorite and citric acid.

First week you start by total of 2 drops per day. 1 drop of WPS in the morning (a.m.) And 1 drop of WPS in the evening (p.m.)

Do this for one week, then in each subsequent week follows you increase by one drop. Early on you should have at least four to six ounces of water. As you go up in drops you may also want more water!

If you have a sensitive system you must contact Mel and he will teach you the gentle approach.

For example

2nd week: total 3drops per day, 1 drop in a.m., 2drops in p.m.

3rd week: total 4drops per day, 2 drops in am., 2drops in p.m.

4th week: total 5drops per day, 2 drops in am, 3 drops in p.m.

5th week: total 6 drops per day, 3 drops in a.m., 3 drops in p.m.

6th week: total 7 drops per day, 3 drops in a.m., 4 drops in p.m.

7th week: total 8 drops per day, 4 drops in a.m., 4 drops in p.m.

So on...

Until you reach max total 14 drops per day, 7 drops in am, 7 drops in pm

You stay on this until you herx.

Experience has taught us the importance and enhanced effectiveness of pulsing a lower dose twice per day instead of taking a higher dose once per day. Optimal results are being attained using a low but therapeutic dose (working up to 3 to 7 drops according to individual tolerance) twice per day which increases the exposure of pathogens to the WPS but gives the body ample opportunity to keep pace with the detox burden.

Any question or concerns should be directed to Mel!

Jenny S.

8:18:00 PM

You can find the information you need about mms/wps by clicking Mel's protocol tab at the top of this page. Before you start mms, however, please read about the entire protocol.

It is important to start the basic logos supplements before starting adding mms.

You also have to change your diet. You can find information about that by using the search engine at the top of the page.

If you have questions, schedule a one on one call with Mel.

He will provide the information you need to get started. He will also tell you to read, read, read on this forum.

You can post questions here any time and you will get responses from people who have been in the same situation you are.

You will not regret starting this protocol. People heal completely by sticking with it just as it is written.

God bless,

Jenny S.

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